KFA to evaluate 12 director candidates over 5 hours…”shortlist to be finalized at next meeting”

The Korean Football Association has held marathon meetings to vet candidates for its next coach. The final selection is just one step away.

On the afternoon of Aug. 18, Jeong Jung-sung, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s Power Enhancement Committee, and members of the committee met for the ninth time for about five hours at the organization’s headquarters in Seoul to select a new national team coach.

According to the federation, nine members of the committee were present at the meeting, including Chung. Gangwon FC head coach Yoon Jeong-hwan attended via video, 안전카지노사이트 while Sungsil University head coach Park Sung-bae was absent.

The committee held a meeting on the third of this month to evaluate and recommend a candidate for negotiation by watching videos and materials on the main tactical contents such as offensive and defensive organization, playing style, etc. of the 12 shortlisted coaches.

The committee will hold its 10th meeting in the near future to select the final negotiating candidates.

An association official said, “The list of candidates for the next head coach includes both domestic and foreign coaches, but more foreign coaches are included. After the next meeting, negotiations will take place. The final candidates will be around five,” the source explained.

The Power Enhancement Committee is expected to speed up the process to appoint a new coach within the month.

The federation fired Jürgen Klinsmann in February after less than a year, citing a lack of leadership and attendance issues. Chung announced the appointment of a new head coach in early May, but the federation struggled to find a replacement, handing the reins to Hwang Sun-hong and Kim Do-hoon on an interim basis in March and June, respectively, as the team qualified for the 2026 FIFA World Cup North and Central America.

After a tumultuous second round of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup North America that saw three head coaching changes, South Korea finished with five wins, one draw, and no losses to remain unbeaten and qualify for Port 1 of the third round.

The third qualifying round begins in September, and there’s no time to lose. With opponents to be determined after the draw for the third qualifying round on July 27, South Korea will need to start identifying their squad at the same time.

South Korea, which has struggled in previous World Cup qualifying campaigns and experienced a coaching change, needs time for the new head coach to learn the ropes.

The 2026 World Cup North and Central America will feature 48 teams, with 8.5 spots allocated to Asia. South Korea will need to start preparing for the tournament early by earning the six spots allotted for the third qualifying round.

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