Kim Su-ji, Tied for 3rd Place in the World Championships Diving 3m Semifinals

Kim Su-ji, Tied for 3rd Place in the World Championships Diving 3m Semifinals… Confirmed to go to Olympics

Reached the finals for the first time in the 3m springboard individual event.

Kim Su-ji (25, Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall) advanced to the finals by tying for third place in the women’s 3m springboard diving semifinal at the World Aquatics Championships, and even qualified for the Paris Olympics.

Suji Kim scored a total of 302.10 points in the first to fifth periods in the 2024 World Championships Diving Women’s 3m Springboard Semifinals held at the Hamad Aquatic Center in Doha, Qatar on the 9th, ranking tied for third place out of 18 people.

Kim Su-ji, who advanced to the semifinals by placing 15th out of 53 people in the previous day’s preliminaries with a total of 257.55 points, significantly increased her score and ranking in the semifinals, comfortably securing a ticket to the finals among 12 people. 파워볼사이트

In the final held on the morning of the 10th, Suji Kim will attempt to win her second World Championship medal in her career.

Suji Kim placed third in the women’s 1m springboard at the 2019 Gwangju Games, making her the first Korean diver to win a World Championships medal.

However, in the 3m springboard, an official Olympic event, he failed to make it to the finals in Budapest in 2022 (16th) and in Fukuoka in 2023 (16th).

In Doha this year, he advanced to the finals in 3rd place.

By advancing to the finals, Kim Su-ji secured a spot at the Paris Olympics.

In diving, qualifications for the Paris Olympics are distributed to the National Olympic Committee (NOC), not to individual athletes.

The International Aquatics Federation has decided that the method of distributing qualifications for the Paris Olympics for the individual diving event will be ’12 tickets for the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships, a maximum of 5 tickets for each continental championship, and 12 tickets for the 2024 Doha World Championships.’

Kim Su-ji ranked very high and gave Korea one ticket to the Paris Olympics.

The Korea Swimming Federation is expected to grant Kim Su-ji, who won the Olympic qualification, the right to participate in the Olympics.

Despite the negative news of a torn cartilage in her left knee last December, Kim Su-ji faithfully prepared for this competition to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

Before leaving for Doha, Kim Su-ji said, “The biggest goal for the Doha Games is to advance to the 3m springboard finals and qualify for the Paris Olympics.”

“For me, who enjoys participating in international competitions, the Olympics are the biggest stimulus.

2012 “Participating in the Olympics for the third time, following London in 2021 and Tokyo in 2021, is a very important goal for my career,” he said.

Kim Su-ji, who performed wonderfully in the 3m springboard semifinals, successfully completed her first goal.

Now I can even imagine the thrill of standing on the podium at the Doha World Championships.

Chen Yiwen (24, China), who is aiming for her third consecutive victory in this event, passed the semifinals in first place with 354.75 points.

Chang Yani (22, China), who took second place at the Fukuoka competition, earned 332.25 points and ranked second, and Chiara Pelacani (21, Italy) earned 302.10 points, the same as Kim Su-ji, and tied for third place.

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