KT is the closest psychological distance to ‘exclusive’ LG

Since entering August, LG has been establishing a solo system. As of the 15th, it is maintaining a six-game gap with SSG. If the two teams do not draw a hyperbolic curve of extreme wins and losses, it is not a structure that will change significantly in a short time. However, LG cannot only pay attention to SSG. Perhaps more than SSG, KT, the third place in the eight-game distance, may be bothered.

Pennant race is not the only problem. Inside and outside the club, it is time to think of one scenario for an opponent who will compete for the top of the season on the final stage, but looking at the recent changes in the trend, it is difficult for LG to classify KT as only one of the various challengers.

KT is as strong as it is now. If any team plays a long-term race in 144 games, the pace of each section, which is represented by monthly or weekly performance, will be accompanied by ups and downs. However, KT’s recent strength shows great continuity, and it is accompanied by endurance to be summarized as a temporary phenomenon.

For now, the pace in the second half is overwhelming with a winning rate of 0.810 (17 wins and 4 losses). However, it was a long time ago when KT started. KT began to raise its head with the No. 1 monthly winning rate (0.652) in June, and the winning rate recorded in 54 games since June is 0.704 (38 wins and 16 losses), which is also the No. 1 player in the same period. Since June, LG has won 30 games, one draw, and 19 losses, ahead of LG with a winning rate of 0.612 points.

KT had the lowest winning rate of 0.356 (16 wins, 2 draws and 29 losses) until May, filling the club’s news with the story of injured players, but has taken a more dramatic change than the drama since it began to reorganize. Since June, KT has been solid in terms of sector indicators, with the No. 1 ERA (3.84), the No. 1 team batting average (0.283), and the No. 3 team OPS (0.743).

Looking at the game right now, the second-place fight, which has narrowed to two games, has become hotter. KT also seems to be speeding up to move up to second place. There are also voices among team field officials that are putting second place as the first target. This seems to be because if it rises to second place in the current postseason structure, it can also create a situation to aim for the “presidential election.” 먹튀검증

Even considering the two teams’ relativity, KT gives a quite tricky impression. LG and KT have five wins and five losses against each other this season. Since June, when KT rebuilt its foundation, LG has been slightly pushed back with two wins and three losses. The two teams have six more matches left.

The battle between SSG and KT for second place has already become an issue of ranking competition. However, even for SSG, KT is generally an uncomfortable team. It is weak in relativity as it has been pushed back to 4 wins and 8 losses this season, but it may be a burden to play 4 more games in the next season.

LG recruited starter Choi Won-tae through a trade with Kiwoom on the 29th of last month and is “all-in” to win this season. This year, it is entering an all-out war that has no next time to catch the championship flag. Looking at the opponent who has to overcome at any time, it is a season where KT, which is close to psychological distance rather than physical distance, should be seen first.

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