Munich could sell Kim Min-jae, Der Licht and Upamecano

Kim Min-Jae (28), who was expected to be a regular starter, could be sold. Eric Dier (30), on the other hand, is reportedly not for sale by Bayern Munich.

“Bayern Munich’s Mateusz Der Licht and Dayo Upamecano could leave if the right offer comes in,” the German ‘kicker’ said on Thursday. The same goes for Kim Min-jae. His decline in the second half of last season raised doubts within the club,” he said.

“Dier, however, has been performing well and has been Munich’s most reliable defender. He is now a trusted leader of the team, with a relatively low salary and no complaints about not starting. Therefore, Dier will most likely stay at Munich.”

Munich have been working hard to improve their defense lately. New head coach Vincent Kompany has identified the weaknesses in the defense that were a concern last season and is moving to overhaul the defense.

One position of particular focus is center back. Munich currently have a total of five center back options. In addition to Kim Min-Jae, Der Licht, Upamecano, and Dyer, the club recently added Hiroki Ito to the squad. One or two departures are inevitable in an already saturated center backfield.

Munich’s top priority for sale is De Ligt. Der Licht is currently on a high wage bill, which Munich cannot afford. Furthermore, he is currently attracting interest from several big European clubs, making him the most likely candidate to be sold in 토토사이트 order to generate transfer funds.

Upamecano could also be sold. Upamecano had one of the worst performances of the season last season, contributing to the defeats and dropping to the bench in the second half. He was expected to leave the club this summer, but Kompany has reportedly asked the club to keep him. It’s clear that he’s leaning towards staying, but he’s certainly open to selling if the right offer comes along.

And it appears that Kim Min-jae may also be up for sale. Initially, Kim was thought to be a key player in Kompany’s system. Given Kompany’s philosophy of playing attacking soccer, he would likely prefer Kim’s aggressive defensive style.

However, Kim is not out of the woods yet. Munich still want to 카지노사이트 sign Jonatan Ta, the best center back in the German Bundesliga, and negotiations are still ongoing. In addition, there are still doubts within the club about Kim after his disappointing performances last season.

In the end, Kim has to prove himself. Under a new manager, he will have to prove that he can overcome last season’s lackluster performances and prove his quality to stay in Munich.


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