Yongsan Middle School stopped Hwimoon Middle School’s three-time gold medal challenge.

2024 Secondhand Basketball wrapped up its first half schedule with the recent federation presidential competition in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province.

While the schedule for the second half of the year will resume due to the weekend league by region in the middle of next month, this paper has prepared time to look back on the first half of each type of tournament.
The second order is South Central.

This season, Hwimoon Middle School is considered to be the most powerful player in the South Central Division. As proof of this, Hwimoon Middle School won the championship in both the Spring Festival Federation and the Association’s flagship competition. It seemed natural for him to win three gold medals, but he was caught in Yongsan. Yongsan Middle School, which clashed with Hwimoon Middle School again after the association’s chairman’s term, won the title (69-63) after a close game.

▶ Spring Federation: Hwimoon Middle School (win), Samil Middle School (second place), Myongji Middle School, and Hogye Middle School (fourth round)
On March 7, the 61st National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Tournament Spring Federation held in Haenam, Jeollanam-do. The final winner of the South Central Division, in which 24 teams participated, was Huimun Middle School. Huimun Middle School, which easily passed the group stage with three consecutive wins and No. 1 in Group D, continued to cruise in the final.

Whimoon Middle School’s final opponent is Samil Middle School. Whimoon Middle School, which had already been determined to win in the first half, defeated Samil Middle School 84-67 to win its first trophy of the season. Samil Middle School, led by coach Kim Min-koo, made remarkable strides. Like Whimoon Middle School, Samil Middle School, which passed the preliminary round and advanced to the final as No. 1 in the group, also won all of its matches until the semifinal, securing a valuable runner-up.

In addition, Myungji Middle School and Hogye Middle School also reached the semifinals in their first competition of the season.

▶ Association’s long-term: Hwimoon Middle School (win), Yongsan Middle School (quasi-win), Palyong Middle School, Hwabong Middle School (fourth round)
The 49th KFA Janggi, the second competition of this season, opened in Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province, in late March. With 27 teams vying for the title, Hwimun Middle School, Yongsan Middle School, Palyong Middle School, and Hwabong Middle School won the title after fierce competition. Hwimun Middle School continued to cheer up the winner of the Spring Federation. Like the first competition of the season, he lifted his second trophy without a single loss. There was a crisis in the semi-final against Hwabong Middle School. He could have been shaken up when his coach was sent off, but he remained in the center until the end, winning two gold medals and three consecutive championships.

Palyong Middle School, which coach Kim Yong-woo took the helm early this year, also made it to the semifinals as president of the association. He created a sensation by forming a more solid team based on Bae Dae-beom (177 centimeters, G), the core of his team’s power.

▶Federation President: Yongsan Middle School (win), Hwimoon Middle School (quasi-win), Pyeongwon Middle School, Jeonju Nam Middle School (fourth round)
The 2024 National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Competition, the largest ever held in Korea’s history, saw 30 teams head to Gimcheon to mark the last tournament of the first half that kicked off in May. The teams were divided into eight groups for four days of preliminary matches, and even the runner-up of each group was given a ticket to the finals. After a tug-of-war between the teams that joined the finals, the semifinal match between Hwimun Middle School, Pyeongwon Middle School, Yongsan Middle School and Jeonju Nam Middle School was completed.안전 토토사이트

Whimoon Middle School, which is aiming for the third gold medal, Yongsan Middle School, which is challenging its stronghold, Pyeongwon Middle School and Jeonju Nam Middle School, which reached their first semifinal of the season. Different teams have different reasons, but the goal of winning the cup was the same.

The semifinal match between Hwimun Middle School and Yongsan Middle School took place at Gimcheon Gymnasium on Tuesday. The reunion of Hwimun Middle School and Yongsan Middle School where they met for the championship cup was held. The goddess of victory ruled in favor of Yongsan Middle School. After trailing by 10 points (40-50) before the start of the fourth quarter, Yongsan Middle School led the game to extra time thanks to the performance of second grade duo Kim Joon-young (182cm, G) and Nam Hyun-woo (187cm, G). The hero of overtime is Park Tae-joon (178cm, G). Park Tae-joon scored five points at the most important moment, and won 69-63, while cursing the loss in the final match of the association’s longest period and blocking Hwimun Middle School’s three gold medals.

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