4H agency says it is disappointing because Russian law is in some ways the first draft of legislation similar to Western concepts.

The draft Sports Bill was first introduced in mid-November. It was read on December 8 and adopted. The aim of the Bill is to change industrial regulations in Russia. New regulations will be created as well as payment centers for sports betting.

The industry now has an autonomous organization. The Bill will create an integrated gambling regulator and payment system. The mechanisms for special contributions will be updated based on online monitoring systems created to aid law and law enforcement.

Such contributions are calculated based on quarterly income provided by sports betting. It is calculated based on how many bets are accepted and on interactive bets on sporting events.

The Numbers

Details of how to aggregate income were not provided in the bill, except that special contributions represent 1% of the company’s income. This amount cannot be less than EUR 56,000 for a league or sports federation under the guarantee of an operator. 카지노사이트먹튀

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