A happy ending for Nina Kennedy and Katie Moon

“Do you want to share?” (Nina Kennedy)

“Sure.” (Katie Moon)

The first joint gold medal at the World Championships in Athletics was born.

 The two protagonists were Nina Kennedy (27, Australia) and Katie Moon (32, USA) who competed in the women’s pole vault.

Kennedy and Moon competed to win the women’s pole vault final at the World Championships in Athletics held at the National Stadium in Budapest

Hungary on the 24th (Korean time). 

When Wilma Murto (25, Finland) was eliminated at 4m85, the match began between the two.

For the high jump and pole vault

if the records are the same

the number of trials, the total number of invalid trials

and the total number of trials are counted. 


both players had the same results.

 Up to 4m85 failed once

and 4m90 was equally successful in the 3rd period. 카지노사이트


he failed to exceed 4m95 all three times.

After fighting for over two and a half hours

the two were exhausted.

 Last year’s winner, Moon, chest touched the bar at 4m85

but managed to make it without falling.

 But he has never exceeded 4m95. Kennedy went on a winning streak

far exceeding his previous personal record (4m80)

but felt leg cramps.

There were two choices: either run alternately once to determine the winner

or win the co-winner. 

In the men’s high jump at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Mutaz Essa Barsim (Qatar) and Jean-Marco Tamberry (Italy) shared the gold medal.

Moon suggested to Kennedy

Let’s be tied for first place.

Kennedy laughed


and hugged her. 

Moon achieved his second consecutive victory in the event

and Kennedy won his first career championship.

There are several cases where the 2nd and 3rd places have shared medals because they do not play overtime. 

Even in a track event where records were set, two people received medals at the same time. 


it is the first time since the creation of the World Championships in 1983 that two people came out first in all events.

Moon said

It was a really tough fight.

The show started when only Kennedy and I were left.

It was a good motivator for both of us.

 Kennedy shed tears


I knew Moon

a world champion and Olympic gold medalist, would tell me to keep running.

Winning a gold medal was like a dream

and a miracle happened.

Moon said

We’ve known each other for a long time.

It’s amazing that we won the gold medal together.

 Kennedy also said

I didn’t think about how a joint gold medal would help me

but I’m satisfied.

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