A new bill was approved that is expected to eliminate “noise” as total game revenues at casinos are classified and reported.

Deutsche Bank Securities analysts Carlos Santarelli and Danny Balloy said although the move may seem like a bar on the wheel of gross gaming revenue, it will not only level the playing field across a range of casino operators, but will eventually provide a new perspective on gaming trends in the sector.

The new rules will be mandatory , but casino facilities have been granted an additional year to set up VIP smoking lounges. This means that smoking in VIP rooms will last for the year .

An interesting thing is happening to Macau’s casino industry. The unique “table reclassification” has been going on for some time, and appears to have been converted into VIP rooms to allow designated premium mass areas to legally continue smoking. Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, also known as the Portuguese acronym for DICJ, has a clear definition of VIP rooms.

One is not defined by the presence of a rolling chip program, but by the number of tables available. Another important feature of VIP rooms is the fact that they need to be physically separated from the main game floor to give customers privacy and enable smoking. Smoking was already prohibited anywhere in the main floor mass table and slot. This reclassification practice, with new regulations on smoking within casino locations, is about to come to an end.

One can recall the first ban on smoking inside Macau’s casino facilities , leaving a large gaming arena a non-smoking. This meant that the VIP room remained a place for casino lovers to smoke freely, even though more customers were unable to enjoy the smoke when trying to have a good time.

There is another problem detected by experts. This kind of reclassification provides a false trend in the field of casinos. Approximately $700 million in bulk revenue was listed as VIP revenue. Analysts say will bring clearer and more meaningful revenue-sharing opportunities for City of Dreams and the rest of the Galaxy Cotai players. Among them are Macau, China Holdings, and Sands China. 바카라사이트

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