Coach Klinsmann left for the United States like a shot.

It’s been two days since I arrived in Korea.

It appears that he went to his home in California, USA.

When I arrived at Incheon International Airport on Thursday (8th) last week, I said, “About next week.”

I left Korea earlier than this.

Right after the defeat against Jordan, he refused to resign voluntarily.

[Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (on the 7th)]
“Right now, I need to go back to Korea and analyze the tournament in detail. I think we need time to discuss with the Korea Football Association what we liked about the upcoming event and what needs to be supplemented.”

The Korea Football Association will hold a power reinforcement committee after the Lunar New Year holiday.

It’s a place to look back on the Asian Cup.

We will discuss whether there were any problems with the operation of the national team and what to do in the future.

It is unclear whether Klinsmann will return to Korea and attend this event.

There is also a possibility of participating by video while ‘working from home’.

Klinsmann’s contract runs until the 2026 World Cup.

If you dismiss it before that, you will have to pay a penalty of 6 billion won.

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