Dennis has the potential to win the title throughout the 37 lap race.

His chances of the title, which had initially been pushed out after starting in the front row with key championship contender Nick Cashdi, rose after Cashdi collided with Envision Racing teammate Sebastien Buemi just half a distance away.

But despite Cathy Dee’s elimination, Dennis still had to finish third, with Jaguar’s Mitch Evans winning his first London E-Prix victory over the weekend.

Surviving two rolling restarts, Dennis finished third on the road before being promoted to second place enough for the title.

“I felt like it was all thrown at me, thinking no one expected that race, multiple safety vehicles, red flags, left, right, central collisions and so on,” Dennis said.

“Especially after the first red flag, I felt like all races were giving in to me for a number of reasons and it was really hard to control my emotions.

“When I drive, I give the engineer a typical shout, and he just hits his chin.

“It was really after the red flag, folks, everyone went out to get me, but [but] we were able to flip it over and stay calm.”

Denise’s charges were also thwarted by missing attack mode activation on two occasions, which put him at risk, leaving his car behind in the pack.

Behind the scenes of the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 as Nick Cashdy, Envision Racing, Jake Dennis, Andretti Autosport, Porsche 99 X Electric Gen 3, Sebastian Buemi, Envision Racing, Jaguar I-TYPE 6 Battle

This includes Porsche’s Pascal Berline, and Dennis has asked his Andretti Autosport squad, Porsche’s client team, whether the Germans will refrain from attacking.

And even though he knew Kathy Dee had retired, Dennis was surprised to learn that he had to finish on the podium to win the championship ahead of Sunday’s season finale at ExCEL London.

“I knew Nick was out, so I asked him where to finish, and they said third, and I was really disappointed with that because I thought I only needed six points,” Dennis said.

“So I thought I should go again then. At that point I was fifth so I couldn’t believe it when they told me that, and from that point on they left me with it except for the last two laps that they said this was enough. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Crossing the line as a winner, Dennis added, “It was a comfort of emotion that I’ve never experienced in my life and being a world champion is something we all dream of.” 토토사이트 순위

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