Director Kim Sang-sik said, “Preparing for the new season soon.”

It was a predictable fall. The main championship players, including Oh Se-geun, Moon Sung-gon (Lee Sang-jeok), Yang Hee-jong (retired) and Byun Joon-hyung (military service), all exited their teams. On top of that, Omari Spellman was kicked out of the team due to lack of physical condition. In the early days of the season, the team won the top spot under the Daryl Monroe and Duvan Maxwell (Korea Gas Corporation), but the team failed to last long as Monroe was injured. The team also suffered injuries and suffered.

“We had injuries from the beginning to the end of the season. In the beginning of the season, motion offensives centered on Daryl Monroe were optimized, but injuries kept causing holes in the team’s strength. Korean players played really hard, but there was a limit to the composition of players with other teams,” said Kim Sang-sik, manager of the Jeonggwanjang.

“Choi Sung-won, Jung Hyo-geun, and Jonghyun Lee, who were recruited as FA, have improved as they have more roles in existing teams, but it was not easy to fill the spots where the winning members were absent. Still, the younger players have improved their skills as they gained experience,” he said.

Having failed to advance to the playoffs, Chung will prepare for the next season along with the end of the season. “I plan to go on a business trip to see foreign players immediately after the award ceremony (April 1). Given the composition of our team, I think we should focus on players with good skills, rather than just those who are qualified to play for domestic players. I plan to make a list and schedule my business trip,” Kim said.

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