‘Donating 60,000 gloves’ is a class act

Japanese Major League Baseball star Shohei Ohtani recently decided to donate a baseball gloves to every elementary school in Japan.

There are about 20,000 elementary schools in Japan. Ohtani announced on social media that he would donate three gloves to each elementary school in Japan. That’s a total of 60,000 gloves, and at $100,000 per glove, that’s $6 billion. That’s a lot of money.

“I want them to be healthy and happy through baseball, and I look forward to playing baseball with them in the future,” Otani said. He posted a photo of the donated gloves 바카라사이트 on his social media accounts, along with the words “Let’s play baseball” and an autographed signature.

Japanese media said, “A nationwide donation from a baseball player from Hokkaido to Okinawa is very unusual. The targeted elementary schools include not only public and private schools, but also special needs schools.”

But while we were impressed by Otani’s generosity, we also wondered why he had three gloves. If you play catch, two people can pass the ball around.

New Balance, which sponsors Ohtani and manufactures the gloves for the children he donates, answered the question.

“Otani has enjoyed playing baseball since childhood, and by donating three junior baseball gloves (two for right-handers and one for left-handers) to each elementary school in Japan, he envisions children having fun playing catch,” said New Balance. Each school will receive three gloves, including one left-handed glove to accommodate lefties. Ohtani throws right-handed, but he hasn’t forgotten about children who throw left-handed.

Ohtani’s intention to accommodate left-handers was met with a heartwarming response in Japan. “When I was a junior high school student, there were no left-handed gloves in my junior high school, and I remember catching the ball from the left side, taking off my glove and throwing it with my left hand, so I’m grateful,” “It’s very nice of Otani to be considerate of left-handed children,” and “The fact that there are three gloves, two for right-handers and one for left-handers, makes me feel attentive.”

Meanwhile, New Balance will be delivering the shoes from December to March next year, with the goal of reaching every elementary school in Japan.

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