Even if you renew your contract for two years, your salary will be small… With unfortunate treatment and rumors of a Saudi transfer

Tottenham Hotspur’s treatment of Son Heung-min is very unfortunate.

The British Football Insider reported on the 28th (Korea Standard Time) that “Everton’s former president Keith Wynes has claimed that Tottenham will offer Son a two-year contract under the condition of a pay rise.” Wynes is a former Everton CEO.

There are many differences over Son’s renewal of his contract recently. Wynes expected to renew his contract for two years. However, British sports stars such as The Athletic and TBR Football are expected to renew their contract for one year, as is Alan Hutton, who played for Tottenham. Spurs Webb, a Tottenham source, predicted a three- to four-year contract with a long-term contract.

Amid the disagreement, Wynes continued, “I think Tottenham will raise Son’s wages, but I don’t think it will go up that much. Despite his poor performance this season, Son is still worth £100 million (170 billion). Hopefully Enze Postecoglou can build a squad around Son. Tottenham will want to be with him for two more years.”

Even if he renews his contract for two years, Son’s salary is unlikely to rise significantly.” According to the weekly statistics magazine “Copology,” Son’s salary is 190,000 pounds (330 million U.S. dollars), ranking first in his team and 31st in the Premier League. If it goes higher here, it is highly likely to be around 200,000 pounds (350 million dollars) that Harry Kane received.

It seems reasonable to give Son much more money than this given his performance and commitment to Tottenham, but it is unlikely given Tottenham’s actions. Tottenham did not properly treat players in their 30s, who are expected to see their skills decline. That is the case with Hugo Lloris and Toby Alderweireld. Moreover, Tottenham’s president, Daniel Levy, is stingy about paying, and is unlikely to give Son more than the team’s highest-ever weekly wage of £200,000.

In the end, except for the Spurs Web, which predicted a three- to four-year contract renewal, everyone predicted that Tottenham’s treatment was regrettable. Not to mention a two-year contract renewal with a small wage increase, but also a one-year extension option.

As his treatment was expected to be disappointing, he was linked to the Saudi Arabian Professional League (SPL) again. Wynes, who expected to renew his contract for two years, said in his “Football Insider” on Thursday that the SPL club is also an option.

Tottenham’s intention is clearly seen as the option to extend the period by one year. Born in 1992, Son is in his mid-30s. It is not strange if his performance declines at any time. Rather than prematurely renewing his contract, Tottenham seems to intend to invoke the option of extending the period by one year before watching and transferring his contract or not.

Son may feel very upset. Since joining Tottenham in the 2015-16 season, Son has been performing well every season. Except for his debut season with only four goals in the league, he has scored double digits in every season in the league. It is the eighth consecutive season. He has made his mark in Tottenham’s history. He played in as many as 400 games as a member of Tottenham Hotspur and also scored his 160th career goal. In terms of the Premier League, he ranks second in goals overall and third in the number of matches he played. In the 2021-22 season, he scored 23 goals and was the top scorer in the Premier League.스포츠토토사이트

Tottenham is a legend in name and reality. Some say that the team should treat the team as a long-term contract renewal rather than a one-year extension option as predicted by many media outlets.

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