The French government has announced that it will maintain its plans to hold the opening ceremony of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics on the Seine River next year, despite the recent horrific attacks in the capital city. According to Inside the Games, an online source for Olympic news, French Sports Minister Amélie Udea Castella told a local radio station the day before that the country would stick with the opening ceremony program, which will see athletes from each country arrive by boat on the Seine River, despite concerns from security experts that it could be vulnerable to a terrorist attack. The French government and the Paris Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games are staging the crown jewel of the Opening Ceremony in a groundbreaking way that has never been done before.

Athletes and officials from each country will be transported in a spectacular floating parade of more than 160 boats, starting at the Pont d’ Austerlitz, east of the city of Paris, and traveling about 6 kilometers down the Seine to the Léna Bridge, west of the city. The organizers expect up to 600,000 spectators to attend the event, which is open to anyone in the vicinity of the Seine River to watch the entrance of the athletes from each country .However, the Olympics have raised concerns about the spread of terrorism after a French national in his 20s fatally stabbed a German tourist near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Feb. 2, and it was revealed that the man had pledged allegiance to the extremist group Islamic State (IS).One of the biggest concerns is that athletes could be exposed to a terrorist attack in an open space, especially during the opening ceremony parade.” There is no plan B (for the opening ceremony), only a plan A with several alternatives,” Amélie said, emphasizing that “the threat of terrorism, especially from Islamic extremists, 온라인카지노 is real, but it is neither new nor unique to France and the Olympics.”

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