Fraser-Price will Retire After Paris Olympics

Mommy Rocket’ Fraser-Price says she will Retire After Paris Olympics

The best female sprinter of all time, winning 8 Olympic and 15 World Championship medals.

‘Mommy Rocket’ Shelley Anne Fraser-Price (37, Jamaica) said, “I will retire after the Paris Olympics.”

The Associated Press reported on the 10th (Korean time), “The Paris Olympics, which opens in July this year, will be Fraser-Price’s fifth and final Olympics,” and “Fraser-Price has decided that the Paris Olympics will be the stage of her retirement.”

“I owe it to my husband and my son,” Fraser-Price recently told

“My son needs me. 카지노사이트

I still love track and field, but after the Paris Olympics, I plan to get off the track and spend time with my family.” said.

Fraser-Price is the best female sprinter of all time, having won three gold, four silver, and one bronze medals at the Olympics, and a total of 15 individual medals (10 gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze) at the World Championships.

He is also a player who receives absolute support from ‘moms’.

Fraser-Price welcomed her son Zion in August 2017.

He confessed, “When I heard the news of her pregnancy, I cried out of fear, thinking, ‘Will my career as a player end now?’”

However, Fraser-Price returned to the track and showed off the skills of a world-class sprinter.

Fraser-Price, who boasted explosive speed with a small height of 152 cm and was called a ‘pocket rocket’, became a symbol proving ‘the social potential of mothers’ as a ‘Mommy rocket’ after giving birth.

Fraser-Price’s best time in the 100 meters before giving birth was 10.70 seconds.

After having her son, Fraser-Pryce lowered her personal best time to 0.10 seconds (10.60 seconds).

After giving birth, Fraser-Price raised her voice for women in their mid-30s, especially those who have given birth.

After winning the women’s 100m at the 2022 Eugene World Championships, Fraser-Price said: “Unfortunately, for various reasons, many of the female sprinters I competed with have left the track.

But I am a woman in her 30s, like Allison Felix (who won medals at the Olympics and World Championships even after giving birth).

“I want to show that I can do it too,” he said.

“Like some sports brands (which cut sponsorships when Felix became pregnant), there is a tendency to ‘discard’ female athletes in their 30s or older.

Fortunately, I am a sprinter in her mid-30s who has given birth.

“I showed that I can do it.

I’m really happy,” he said confidently.

Fraser-Price also runs a charity called the Pocket Rocket Foundation, which supports student athletes.

Fraser-Price, who has walked the track more spectacularly than anyone else and delivered a powerful message, prepares for her final sprint.

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