Gwangju Drone Sports Association will hold the 2nd Gwangju Drone Sports Association President’s Cup International Drone Racing Competition

The Gwangju Drone Sports Association held the 2nd Gwangju Drone Association President’s Cup International Drone Racing Competition at Opo Sports Park for two days from the 13th.

About 55 players from five countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia, participated in the competition, with Lee Min-seo (pro-class), Wanraya Wanapong (Thailand, Super-class), Woravit Subsri (Thailand, Junior Class), and Choi Sun-woo (Rookie Class) winning the championship in each category.

Meanwhile, Gwangju Mayor Bang Se-hwan, Gyeonggi Football Association President Lee Seok-jae, and Gwangju Sports Association Senior Vice President Lee Cheol-hee attended the opening ceremony on the first day of the competition to celebrate the competition and encourage the players.

Gwangju Mayor Bang Se-hwan said, “I sincerely congratulate you on the second drone sports association seniority competition following last year,” and added, “The city will also generously support drones, a key area of the fourth industry, to lead the future sports and industry of Gwangju City.”


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