Hwoong and Johnson combined for 58 points in KBL game

Heo Woong (31, KCC) and Alize Johnson (27, KCC) shoot the NBA during a KBL game.

Busan KCC defeated Suwon KT 119-101 in the sixth round of the 2023-24 Korean Basketball League on Sunday at Busan Sajik Gymnasium. KCC, which snapped a two-game losing streak, remained in fifth place with 26 wins and 22 losses. Third-place KT (31-19) is now one game behind fourth-place SK (29-19) for third place.

The K League has entered the final six rounds of the regular season. The six teams for the best-of-six playoffs have been finalized. However, the brackets are far from complete. In particular, attention is focused on the second-place team, which will go directly to the quarterfinals after DB won the regular season title.

In the absence of Song Kyo-chang and Choi Jun-yong, Heo Woong stepped up. Heo poured in 21 points, including three three-pointers, 카지노사이트 to send the fans in Sajik Gymnasium into a frenzy. Even Alize Johnson exploded for 37 points to lead KCC to the big win.

Heung hit a long-range buzzer-beater three-pointer at the end of the first quarter.

It was an NBA moment. KCC took a 10-point lead, 35-25. Heo scored 13 points in the first quarter alone, including two three-pointers. Busan fans were mesmerized by Heo’s one-man show.

Coach Song Young-jin switched to five domestic players in the second quarter, and Alize Johnson’s scoring exploded off the bench. The Koreans were unable to stop Johnson’s one-on-one offense. With momentum on his side, Johnson exploded for 22 points in the second and third quarters alone. He even hit a buzzer-beater three-pointer. KCC took a 20-point lead, 75-55, midway through the third quarter.

Johnson continued to rack up points on fast breaks and one-on-ones. Once triggered, Johnson’s scoring was not easily stopped by Paris Bass. 안전놀이터 Lagana was able to rest well off the bench.

Late in the third quarter, Moon Sung-gon was hit in the chest while fighting for a rebound and complained of pain. Moon Sung-gon headed to the bench. In the fourth quarter, KT practically raised the white flag, bringing in players who hadn’t played much in the previous quarter.

Johnson scored a layup after a spectacular spin move at the end of the fourth quarter. It was Johnson who turned the KBL arena into the NBA. Johnson finished with 37 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists, and three steals, his best performance since his Korean debut.

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