“I don’t understand” CEO Inter sighed in the back of Lukaku’s head…Fans, get ready for 50,000 whistles

Italy’s “Sempre Inter” said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “CEO Marotta has stepped up the controversy surrounding Lukaku.” He said he couldn’t understand Lukaku’s remarks.

Lukaku was at the center of controversy in the transfer market last summer. He hit Inter in the back of the head, which he accepted when he was in trouble, and failed to go to Juventus, becoming a duck egg in the Nakdonggang River.

Lukaku, who had lost his place to go, contacted Inter again, but it was too late to turn things around. There was no way that Inter, who was betrayed with only the final signature left, could forgive him. Starting with fans, several club legends poured out criticism against Lukaku.

For now, Lukaku succeeded in finding a way to live at the end of the transfer market. He joined Roma on a season-long loan and began his third spell with Jose Mourinho. “I am happy,” he said after joining Rome. It was really touching to see the fans welcoming me. I can’t wait to play for this club,” he said, expressing joy.

Marotta’s upsetting situation. Nevertheless, when Lukaku talked during the “Trento Sports Festival,” he said, “There is nothing to fear for those who have experienced various situations like me. In soccer, the god of money is the best ruler. But now all that is in the past,” he said, reticently.

Marotta then said, “Trust-based relationships can also turn into distrust. Disappointment is the same. “Money is part of a rich sport where the king is,” he said. “Lukaku is part of our recent past. I look to the most important future,” he added.

Lukaku recently made a surprise remark that fans would be shocked if he revealed the truth of what happened with Inter. “I’ll tell you when the time is right,” he said. Everyone would be shocked if they told me what happened in the summer,” he said, still claiming that he was a victim.

Marotta responded, “Lukaku is free to say what he wants. But I don’t understand why you’re saying that,” he shook his head.

Some said Lukaku’s replacement in the UEFA Champions League final last season was the seed of conflict. But Marotta said, “I don’t think so. Inter’s decision to bring him in didn’t depend on just one incident. It is based on the relationship between gratitude and respect, he said. “I don’t know why Lukaku is causing controversy.”

Inter fans plan to boo wildly at traitor Lukaku. Interultras “Curba Nord” is known to have prepared 50,000 whistles ahead of the match against Rome at home on the 30th. “October 29 is the day when he should be prepared to hear all the disgust he feels towards someone who has turned against us in the most shameful way,” they issued a statement.

Whenever Lukaku catches the ball, jeers will ring out at Giuseppe Meacha. Marotta said, “I’ve heard 50,000 boos. Let’s try to be happy living in the present. Let’s focus on our strengths,” he said. “The most important thing is to support the team. He emphasized that (cheating) can be distracting.

Marotta said, “But fans pay for tickets. And I have the right to criticize what I’m seeing,” he said, respecting the fans’ actions.


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