I had wrist surgery 3 weeks ago… ‘Bandage fighting spirit’ Lee Kyung-won, thrilled gold-bae MVP

Although he played with bandages on his wrist fracture, his fighting spirit and dedication to winning the championship were hot. The fighting spirit of Lee Kyung-won (pictured), a senior defenseman at Yeongdeungpo Technical High School in Seoul who was selected as the MVP of the Presidential Gold Cup, shone more than anyone else.

In the 56th Presidential Geumbae National High School Football Tournament held at Jecheon Sports Complex on the 2nd, Lee Gyeong-won defeated Seoul Boin High School and won 2-1 to win the championship and was named MVP.

Lee Kyung-won, whom we met after the awards ceremony, said, “We won three crowns before this tournament, but only me and Park Min-joon, watching the midfielder, did not have individual awards. But this time, the two of us received individual awards, so it feels good. I worked very hard on physical training for this competition, and I feel rewarded.” Park Min-joon won the Offensive Award.

https://displayad.zum.com/NetInsight/html/zum/news/newspage@newszum_pc_250While training ahead of the tournament, Lee Kyung-won suffered a serious injury, fracturing his wrist. Lee Kyung-won said, “I had surgery three weeks ago, and after that, I played with taping on. He said with a smile, “I was able to endure it because I kept winning the game,” although the pain was considerable from game to game.

Lee Kyung-won started playing soccer in earnest from the first year of middle school. He showed off his skills to the fullest as a member of Cheonan FMC. Then, he caught the eye of Seoul E-Land, a professional football club, and joined the U-18 team under E-Land.

However, the competition in his pro-affiliated youth team was fierce. There were many days when he couldn’t play. When he was contemplating whether he should stop playing soccer, a new path was opened. Lee Kyung-won said, “At the time, I couldn’t adapt well and had a lot of difficulties playing the game. At that time, when I was in middle school, the coach told me that Yeongdeungpo Technical High School was a good school for soccer, so I transferred.”

Fullback Lee Kyung-won’s role model is Manchester City (England)’s world-class fullback, Joao Cancelo, who recently visited Korea. Lee Kyung-won said, “Canselu is right-footed. So even though he is a left fullback, it is attractive to play like a midfielder while hitting inside with his right foot.”바카라사이트

Lee Gyeong-won, who couldn’t play many games in the first and second grade, started to see the light in the third grade, and his goal is to become a ‘player who gives hope’. Lee Kyung-won said, “There are many players on the team who are having a hard time because they can’t play. This time, I proved it with my results, so I want to continue to be a player who continues to give hope to players who are frustrated.”

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