“If Anyone Wounded, I sincerely Apologize”

Rodrigo Bentancur (Tottenham) posted a second apology on his racist joke and related social networking services (SNS).

“I talked with him, and considering our deep friendship, he understood that this incident was just a sad misunderstanding,” Bentancur said on his SNS on Tuesday. “If anyone has been hurt by my remarks through the media, I would like to sincerely apologize. I want you to know that I have never mentioned anyone else.”
Bentancur also reiterated, “I didn’t mean to directly or indirectly offend anyone else,” adding, “I’ve solved everything with my friend (Son Heung-min).”

Bentancur, a Uruguayan, caused controversy over his remarks related to Son Heung-min during an off-season appearance on his own national broadcast program.

When he was asked by the host to save his uniform, he joked, “You wouldn’t know even if you brought him your cousin’s uniform. He looks just like him or his cousin.” His remarks revealed racist perception that “all East Asians look the same.”

Bentancourt was heavily criticized for the comment, which prompted her to bow down on social media, saying, “Sonnie! I apologize for what happened. What I said was a bad joke. You know how much I love you, right? I never meant to ignore it or hurt you.”토토사이트 순위

Son Heung-min also defended Bentancur through SNS, saying, “He would not have said so with aggressive intentions,” but the possibility of disciplinary action is also being mentioned there.

The English Football Association (FA) is known to be aware of the incident and is investigating whether to discipline it or not. In 2019, the FA suspended Manchester City’s Bernardu Silva for one game and fined 50,000 pounds (about 88 million won) for comparing the skin color of his teammate Bangjamain Mendy to a dark brown Spanish snack brand character on social media.

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