“In the summer, better results” Hanwha Life’s “Delight” Yoo Hwan-joong

In the LCK spring in 2024, Hanwha Life e-Sports succeeded in advancing to an external playoff game for the first time since its foundation. Hanwha Life showed disappointing results compared to the possibility of its players every year, but it was able to take a step forward after showing a different appearance from the second half of this spring.

Unfortunately, Hanwha Life lost to T1 and failed to advance to the first LCK final and MSI under the name of Hanwha Life. However, Hanwha Life has shown increasing changes with the spring split, and expectations are high for Summer based on the strength shown in the second half.

“Delight” Yoo Hwan-joong, who moved to Hanwha Life Insurance this year, also expressed regret over the outcome of the spring and vowed to produce good results in the summer. Ahead of the summer season, he visited Hanwha Life’s Camp One and talked with Delight.

Summer Split is just around the corner. How have you been since the spring

After the game schedule, I think I took care of my condition and watched MSI hard.

I heard you took care of your condition. Did you have any special plans

I went home right after the competition, but I caught a cold two days later, so I was just lying in bed. Still, it’s the first time I’ve been home for a long time since I started playing, and it was nice to spend a lot of time with my family.

I wonder what you talk about with your family after becoming a professional gamer

Since I can’t go home often, my family tells me to stay home for a long time. But when I eat together, I don’t have anything to do, so I tend to return to the practice room as soon as possible. I think the practice room is the most comfortable. The practice environment and accommodation are suitable for me.

We were away from the stadium and the practice room for a while, and during this time, we might have had some time to think about this spring

I don’t really think about this, but I thought it was a pity that I couldn’t do as much as I could in this split. As a professional gamer, I thought I had to do a lot of things well, but I was disappointed in communication, vision control, and line games.

One of Delight’s strengths was communication within the team, and I wonder if this part is unfortunate

After the team was completed earlier this year, there were occasional parts in the game where I couldn’t communicate properly in early practice. Still, I improved and improved a lot over time, and I was disappointed that this problem was caught in the beginning.

Hanwha Life seemed disappointed in the beginning, but it got better toward the end of the spring. Is it because this part has gotten better

As the season began and the lack of improvement improved, I think the performance came out well as a result of the accumulation of trust and consideration among team members. In particular, after losing the game with Gen.G. e-Sports in the second round, we talked to each other and decided to set the direction of the team well and play.

Hanwha Life Insurance’s performance got better after making the playoffs. I’m sad that I couldn’t make it to the finals, but I’m sure I’ve improved

It was a shame to finish the game. The spring ended after losing to T1 in the final round, and I think this is also an experience. We have summer splits left, so I want to prepare well based on this and produce good results next time. I couldn’t communicate a little bit in the game that day. I had different thoughts, and this is a regret for me.

After the spring split, I went to Daejeon to cheer for the Hanwha Eagles. What was this event like

It was amazing to meet fans somewhere other than the role park where LCK was held, and it was a good experience to see the fans who came to Daejeon. I think there is more interest in LCK and awareness of professional gamers is also increasing. Seeing our fans who came to Daejeon, I felt really amazing and grateful. They spent their money and time to come to Daejeon, and it was an opportunity for us to see the fans who came and make a commitment to do better.

I moved teams and finished my first spring, what do you think this spring means to you

I kept playing in the top teams last year and this year, and in the process, I thought there was still room for more experience and development. I am preparing for summer with the mindset that I can always improve my skills with the idea that if I do well in any situation, I will be able to solve puzzles.

I heard that you also met Um Sung Hyun, who played in Brion before, and talked to him

We met once before leaving the country to participate in the MSI. As a joke, if the two met in the MSI, Um T-shirt said she could win, and I joked with each other that she would fail before meeting us. Still, I’m glad that I moved to North America and have continued to show good performance. When I saw her crying after winning the championship, she asked me why, and he changed his mind and said that he couldn’t remember.

When I met Umti for an interview before, I heard that the Delight player had a similar style to him in trying to solve every situation

There are many things the jungle and supporters can do when it’s dangerous among the positions in the game, so I think they have similar styles.스포츠토토사이트

The summer split is just around the corner, so please say hello to your fans

The communication part that I was disappointed in was the communication part, and I hope this part goes well in summer, and I think I can produce better results if I can make decisions quickly and accurately in emergency situations. I will try to utilize a wider variety of champions as supporters. Thank you for always supporting us, and I will try to show better performance thanks to your support.

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