“It was a game worth reflecting on.”

Seoul E-Land coach Kim Do-kyun was disappointed. In the fourth round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” against FC Anyang at Mokdong Stadium on Thursday, Lee scored one goal but lost the match 1-2, conceding multiple goals to Mateus. E-Land seems to be faltering as it lost two consecutive games after losing two consecutive games. “Many fans came to see us at our home game, and we had a game to reflect on. We are sorry that the result was not good either. In many ways, there were many problems in both defense and offense. We need to find more solutions. We also lost concentration in our defense, and we need to think about how to deal with it.”

Kim tried to make changes through substitution in the second half. “In the end, it was an attack. It was such a frustrating situation. I tried to find a breakthrough through player change. The second loss was regrettable. I ordered to break through more from the side and create more, but it was regrettable that the loss was due to pass miss as a result. We need to look back and reflect on ourselves in today’s game. We have played four games now, but I think we need to prepare better and play in the future.”

When it comes to income on the day, it was also a score that was highly sought after by Kim. “I am weak in scoring points due to my personal ability. The quality of the strikers is inevitably deteriorating. Still, the score is getting high, and they are showing good scenes in the linked scene. It is not 100%, but if it is higher, I think it will be a good option in offense. It is a sensational score. It is an individual’s ability to make such a score as a striker. It is positive in that regard,” Kim said.


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