It was belatedly revealed that Los Angeles Angels all-weather infielder Miguel Sano (31) was injured in bewilderment.

“Coach Ron Washington had to share some bizarre injury news that he had not experienced during his 28-year career as a coach and nine seasons as a Major League manager,” Yahoo Sports said on Monday. Washington explained the reasons behind the injury, which was unknown when it updated Sano’s injury, which has been sidelined since April 26 due to left knee inflammation.

Sano began his rehabilitation last week in the Angels’ minor league in Arizona, but has yet to be scheduled to return.

According to Washington, Sano left the heating pad on for too long and suffered burns to his left knee. Although details of how long and how high Sano turned on the heating mat are not known, he was put on the injured list due to absurd injuries caused by burns to hot mats.

Washington added that depending on inflammatory complications, Sano’s recovery schedule could be added for a few more days.

Sano, who hails from the Dominican Republic, already has pain in his entire 2023 season due to cartilage and tibia injury in his left knee. He later recovered his physical condition and improved his condition in the Dominican Winter League, and signed a minor league contract with the Angels during spring training before the season. He performed well in the minor camp and rejoined the big league, vowing to revive himself.

Sano made his big league debut as a Minnesota Twins player in 2015. He performed well from the first year. He posted a batting average of 0.269 with 18 homers and 52 RBIs with an OPS of 0.916 in 80 games, ranking third in the Rookie of the Year voting. Sano, who posted his first 20 homers in the 2016 season with an arch of 25 homers, was selected as the first All-Star in his career by posting a batting average of 0.264 with 28 homers, 77 RBIs with an OPS of 0.859 in 114 games in 2017.

In 2019, he hit 34 home runs, exceeding 30 for the first time. In 2020, he played in only 53 games due to injury, and posted a batting average of 0.278 with 13 home runs and 25 RBIs. He seemed to revive by hitting the 30 home runs mark again in the 2021 season, but he was sluggish again in 2022. It was the aftermath of an injury to his left knee. He played only 20 games, and he accepted his worst report card with 0.083 one home run and three RBIs.스포츠토토사이트

Sano, who spent 2023 in the aftermath of his injury, was desperate to lose weight and boost his physical condition ahead of this season.

Sano returned to the big league and played a role as the designated hitter and backup agent for the first and third bases when Shohei Ohtani left for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He hit 0.262 with an OPS of 0.713 with one home run and five RBIs in 21 games (71 at-bats) of this season, before getting on the IL.

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