It’s not all serious because there are some sweet deals at The Cosmopolitan right now.

Don’t look at it now. One of the many hotels in Las Vegas may have unwelcome guests the next time you stay. It’s Simex Lectirius, Simex Hemipterus, and Leptosemex Bouti, to be exact. Or, we all grew up calling them worms.

There are several reports of bed bugs in Las Vegas. And despite what you can trust, bed bugs are not limited to the lowest-level hotels. In fact, they were inevitable to occur in more than 150,000 hotel rooms in Sin City because they were not signs of dirt or disease, and could infest even the most beloved facilities. However, it doesn’t feel any better because it has listed guests from Caesars Palace, Circus Hotel Casino, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, The Palazzo at the Venetian Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Sahara Las Vegas, and Tropicana Las Vegas for these unwelcome visitors. Usually, bed bugs arrive at hotels through guests’ clothes or bags, which shows that the hotel is not necessarily patient zero, but rather a guest. So, how can you tell if there are bed bugs in your hotel room? It’s simple.

MGM Resorts bought The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas last year, and the Rewards program is now following suit. From February 2024, all members of The Cosmopolitan’s identity rewards will essentially be part of the MGM Rewards program. All points earned at The Cosmopolitan will be tracked and transferred with additional benefits to redeem those membership points at MGM’s destination in the United States.

Finally, if you’re walking through Las Vegas near Horshu, you should stop by Sugar located at the Grand Bazaar. Founded in 2006 and as its name suggests, with more than 100 locations across the U.S., Sugar includes candy and specialty candies as well as novelty, from clothing to coffee mugs. This is one of three sugar venues in Scene City, with the other two residing in the fashion show malls of The Venetian and Streep.


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