Kane then attempted a strong cross towards you on the other side, but the two players did not work well and the ball went out.

In the third minute, Dalot, who succeeded in penetrating the side, made a powerful cross from the right. However, Kimmich overcame the crisis with an appropriate tackle. A minute later, Antony made a linked play from the right and a powerful left footed shot. However, the ball flew over the goal.

In the 7th minute, Antony showed off a fantastic breakthrough on the side through light physical activity. Antony beat Koretzka at speed from the left side, but failed to overcome the struggle and gave up the ball. Two minutes later, Kane received a pass from Coman and made a powerful shot from the center of the box. However, the shooting impact was not right and the ball was in Onana’s arms.

In the 11th minute, Mazrawi took the right overlap and attempted a cross, but the ball was not caught by you running in front of the goal. A minute later, Varane showed perfect defense. Mazrawi’s header cleared a cross from the right. Davis then tried to cross again, but Varane also blocked it with a header.

In the 17th minute, Musiala grabbed the ball and attempted to dribble, and Maguire grabbed Musiala and knocked him down. Munich players immediately claimed a penalty, but the referee did not declare the penalty and proceeded with the situation.

United, who wanted to score the opening goal, attempted a linked play near the box in Munich. Fernandes then passed a through pass towards Hoylun, but Kim Min-jae touched the ball before Hoylun got the ball, scuppering Manchester United’s chances.

In the 24th minute, Garnacho and Comang attempted a side contest. In the process, Garnacho knocked Comang over, and Comang ran into an electronic display. Munich players rushed to Garnacho in the process, and a war of nerves between the two teams unfolded. Players from both teams rushed to Garnacho and expressed their dissatisfaction, and Manchester United’s veteran players concluded the situation.

26 min You missed the chance to score the first goal. You used your fast speed to shake the Manchester United defense in an instant, then faced a one-on-one chance, but Maguire quickly came in through the defensive cover. You passed a step ahead to Musiala, but even this pass was cleared by the Manchester United defense first.

Captain Fernandez ordered the strikers to put active forward pressure. As a result, Hoylun and Garnacho put a lot of pressure on Munich’s defense, and Fernandez encouraged his players. Munich remained calm. Since he suffered a crushing defeat in the previous game, he calmly and stably turned the ball around to scoreless points in this game.

Then, in the 30th minute of the first half, you attempted an excessive tackle and committed a foul. The referee immediately declared Manchester United’s free-kick, and Fernandez, the kicker, chose to shoot himself. The shot hit Munich’s wall and became a corner kick. Manchester United’s counterattack came out of the ensuing corner kick. Musiala, who caught the ball in the center, quickly connected to Coman, who penetrated the right side. Coman immediately attempted a cross, and you, running in front of the goal, put your foot on it, but missed the best chance.

After catching the ball again, United attempted a quick attack. Hoylun received a penetrating pass and hit the back, but Kim Min-jae successfully covered it with proper speed before passing it stably to Neuer. Fernandez and Upamecano then competed for the ball in the air. Upamecano’s arm struck Fernandez in the face, and Manchester United’s home fans insisted on a foul. However, the referee saw it as a normal contest and continued the game.

United seemed to remain focused, but Antony passed possession with a ball on the side. Munich launched the attack through a cross-pass, locking Manchester United’s defense in the box, and turning the ball around Kimmich. Kane, who caught the ball in the center of the box, passed it to Mazrawi, who penetrated to the right. Mazrawi immediately attempted a ground ball cross for Musiala, who was running in front of the goal, but the ball deflected off the show and fell into Onana’s arms.

Manchester United’s strong forward pressure did not rest. In the 36th minute, Davis held the ball from the back, and Manchester United’s attackers regained the ball with a momentary numerical advantage. But there seemed to be a variable here. Maguire, who grabbed the ball, pulled it off alone with pain in his groin. Maguire immediately collapsed, and Jonny Evans warmed up. United struggled with string injuries to the squad earlier this season. However, it has stabilized recently with several players returning, but if Maguire is injured again here, it will be in a difficult situation. Lisandro Martinez, originally the main defender, has been out of the team’s lineup for a long time due to a long-term injury. Maguire’s departure in this situation is expected to be a big blow. Maguire was called Manchester United’s worst defender until last season. Coach Ten Hag also turned a blind eye to Maguire.

However, while Baran and Martinez were absent, Coach Ten Hag eventually hired Maguire, who succeeded in transforming Maguire into a “believer” by displaying stable defense. He recently won the Premier League Player of the Year award. Maguire was such a successful Maguire, but he eventually stepped down as a substitute for Evans. From Manchester United’s point of view, he ended up using an unexpected replacement card.

After Evans came in, Munich launched a quick attack but was blocked by Manchester United’s defense. Manchester United took advantage of this opportunity and immediately tried to counterattack. Garnacho, who caught the ball from the side, quickly penetrated the side. Upamecano succeeded in preventing Garnacho with appropriate defense.

Munich calmly turned the ball around and peeped into Manchester United’s gap. However, the team gave up ownership of the ball during the attack, and Manchester United quickly passed a penetrating pass to Hoylun. Kim Min-jae completely blocked this. Kim Min-jae suppressed Hoylun through a physical fight and regained possession. Hoylun fell into Kim’s defense. Hoylun is a striker who showed stellar performance in Italian Serie A atalanta until last season. However, Kim Min-jae also experienced Serie A until last season, and became a defensive ace of Napoli by taking advantage of his fast speed and strong physical condition. This made Kim the best defender in the league after the season, and Napoli won the league title for the first time in 33 years thanks to his performance.

First half extra time was given three minutes, and Davis used his speed to break through the left side. The ball was then connected to Kane in the center. Kane attempted a strong right footed shot near the center of the box. However, Manchester United’s defense successfully blocked Kane’s shot with a hand-to-hand defense. Manchester United wanted to score a goal before the first half ended. They turned the ball around from the front and aimed for Munich to open up. However, the final attack was in vain, and Fernandez grabbed Kane’s face and collapsed during the contest. Munich’s foul was not declared in the process, and the first half of the two teams ended 0-0. 메이저 토토사이트

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