Kim Hak-beom’s Jeju recruitment due to Brazilian winger Thales and defenseman MF departure

Thales is a left winger as his main position, but he is a multi-aggressive resource that can play as a right winger and fullback. He dribbles well to break through with additional acceleration and he excels in left foot shooting following quick judgment. As Thales also tends to be a winger with the opposite foot, he is expected to have synergy with existing resources such as Hayes, Seo Jin-soo and Kim Seung-seop, who enable switching play according to changes in tactics. Thales played for Fonte Preta, a member of Brazil’s second division, until recently, and after playing a total of 15 games, he joined Jeju.

Italo is a tall defensive midfielder who measures 1 meter 90 centimeters. He boasts superior ability to control ball in the air by using his physical strength and tends to be a clap-to-box midfielder, which speeds up his transition to offense and defense. He also faithfully plays the role of the primary blocking line as he has good defense of sweatshirts. He is a good substitute for Kim Bong-soo, who recently left for Sangmu in Gimcheon to serve in the military. He has played for Amazonas FC (Brazilian minor league) since August last year. Although his career is not notable, scouts have assessed that his potential and potential are certain based on long-term observations and analysis.

As some Brazilians know well about K-League stages, they can adapt quickly. Hayes, who is already in his fourth year in the K-League, and Yuri Zonathan, who speaks Korean well now due to rapid adaptation after joining the team last season, are already actively helping them adapt both on and off the field. Such strong ties are a huge boost to those who are experiencing their first overseas league.

Thales and Thales also have strong determination. Thales said, “I am very grateful that Jeju gave me an opportunity. I think soccer is a war. I will risk my life from the moment I enter the stadium. I will become a player who can give trust and trust to Jeju fans.” “I have always dreamed of playing in overseas stages. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity in Jeju. I will give everything I spend in Jeju.”


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