Korea will join the finals as the fourth-ranked team.

Panama, which is ranked as the 10th, will participate in the Premier 12 competition for the first time.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) officially announced the 3rd Premier 12 countries to be held in November 2024 on Dec. 20.

According to the WBSC baseball world ranking announced in December, 12 teams will participate in the 2024 Premier 12, including Japan (world No. 1), Mexico (world No. 2), the United States (world No. 3), South Korea (world No. 4), Taiwan (world No. 5), Venezuela (world No. 6), the Netherlands (world No. 7), Cuba (world No. 8), the Dominican Republic (world No. 9), Panama (world No. 10), Australia (world No. 11), and Puerto Rico (world No. 12).

Ten teams including Japan, Mexico, the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have made their third consecutive advance to the championship. Australia will make its second consecutive advance to the championship, and Panama will make its Premier 12 debut.

WBSC President Riccardo Frickari said, “Congratulations to the top 12 teams in the world for confirming their advance to the Premier 12. WBSC’s flagship event and two memorable competitions were held earlier, and we look forward to next year’s best international baseball competition that can captivate fans around the world.”

Korea (2015), silver in 2019) and Japan (2015, bronze in 2019) are the only teams that have won medals in both Premier 12. The U.S. (2015) and Mexico (2019) are also on the podium.

The 2024 Premier 12 will be held from Nov. 10-14, 2024. The 12 teams that participate in the competition will be divided into two groups and each group’s top-two teams will compete in the Super Round after a round-robin match. The first and second-place teams in the Super Round will compete in the final of the competition, and the third and fourth-place teams will compete for the bronze medals.

Group A will be held from Nov. 10-14 and Group B will be held from Nov. 14 to Nov. 13 (the opening match will be held in Nagoya). Super Round matches will be held at Tokyo Dome from Nov. 21 to 23. The final and bronze medal match will also be held at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 24.


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