Lim Chan-kyu stays at LG, which was natural

LG said it signed a four-year contract with Free Agent (FA) Lim Chan-kyu for a total of 5 billion won (600 million won in down payment, 2 billion won in annual salary, and 2.4 billion won in incentives).

Lim Chan-kyu, who graduated from Whimoon High School and joined LG as the second pick in the first round of the 2011 rookie draft, played only in a striker uniform for 11 seasons until 2023.

Lim Chan-kyu, who was scolded by his mother in 2002 when LG lost to the Samsung Lions and remained in second place in the Korean Series, couldn’t hide a smile when he was nominated by LG at the time of the rookie draft.

Having played for LG only since then, Lim has pitched in 298 games (1,075.2 innings) with 65 wins, 72 losses, eight saves, and five holds with an ERA of 4.62. He has been loved by LG fans so much that he was nicknamed “Dang Chan-gyu” for “throwing the ball slowly” on the mound.

Lim Chan-kyu became an FA last year, but he was sluggish with 6 wins, 11 losses and a 5.04 ERA, and eventually chose to retake the FA, which was a huge success.

He led LG to win the regular league and the Korean Series this year by posting 14 wins, three losses and an earned run average of 3.42. Notably, he has recorded the most wins (third overall) among Korean pitchers with 14 wins.

He was Lim Chan-kyu, who made fans nervous because no news of the contract was heard after the season, but the contract with LG was scheduled to some extent.

Lim Chan-kyu attended a fan event held earlier this month, even though he was an FA, and bowed deeply. Recently, when his teammate Lee Jung-yong joined the military, he drove himself to the Nonsan training center and saw him off.

The key was the size of the contract, and finally on the 21st, the news came that he signed a four-year contract with LG for a total of 5 billion won. It was also the day when Lim Chan-kyu, who has been playing in the LG uniform until the 2027 season, virtually declared a lifetime LG man.

Lim Chan-kyu, who finished his contract, said, “I’m glad that Elin can continue to wear a striker uniform that I’m proud of as a native. I didn’t think about other clubs. I wanted to continue to be a player for the LG Twins, but I thank the club for signing a good contract.” 사설 토토사이트

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