“My wife is pressuring me to score a goal.”

Ulsan secured a 3-0 complete victory thanks to consecutive goals scored by Lee Dong-kyung, Rubik’s Son, and Joo Min-kyu at the sixth round of the Suwon FC and Hana Bank K-League 1 2024 held at Munsu Football Stadium at 2 p.m. on Sunday. The team thus secured a turning point by escaping from no win (two draws and one loss) in the recent three games. It elevated its ranking to second place with 11 points.

Lee Dong-kyung, who briefly went on a break in an away match at the Daejeon Hana Tea Season on the 2nd, restarted his offensive point. He scored the first goal in the 17th minute of the first half against Suwon. He is currently supporting Ulsan by scoring the most offensive points (five goals and two assists) in the K League 1.

Lee Dong-kyung, who faced him after the game, smiled, saying, “I played my home game without a win for three games. I am happy that I won the game without a loss in front of the fans.”

Lee Dong-kyung, who recently gave birth to her child, is receiving a baby formula buff. “It hasn’t been long since my baby was born. When I come to a game after looking at the pictures, I get encouraged,” she said. “I’m living away from my wife and I’m raising my child alone. She puts pressure on me to go out and score a goal and win because I’m having such a hard time watching her,” she said, pointing to her upward momentum.

Lee Dong-kyung will join the Gimcheon Sangmu team at the end of this month. Both he and Ulsan are disappointed. Notably, Coach Hong Myung-bo praised Lee Dong-kyung, saying, “He came back to the good shape he had two years ago.”

“Of course, I feel a bit disappointed. When I can train, I need to keep my condition intact and contribute to the team,” he said. “When I enter the stadium these days, I have confidence. I am thinking about how to maintain my condition well.” 토토사이트

Won Doo-jae and Kim Min-joon, two of whom had a meal in Ulsan, are waiting for Lee Dong-kyung, two of whom are younger than them. Director Jeong Jeong-yong is also smiling broadly.

Lee Dong-kyung said, “I didn’t usually contact my friends a lot, but I contact them once a day after I was confirmed to join the military. I heard that players like Won Doo-jae and Lee Sang-min are bothering me a lot, but I paid tribute to vitamins to make me less bothered,” and added, “It will be difficult to maintain the same physical condition as now, but I will not be impatient. I will go and adapt well to the new players and the environment.”

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