Na Sangho, “You must win and make up for it”

Seoul tied Jeju 0-0 in the 36th round away match held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 11th. This confirmed Seoul’s seventh place regardless of the results of the remaining two games.

Ace Na Sang-ho made a light move on the day, but failed to score. However, the bold breakthrough and dribble were enough to make Jeju defenders difficult. In the second half, a shot hit after shaking three to four defenders seemed to go through to the goalkeeper, but it did not lead to a goal as it was caught in Song Joo-hoon’s cover play.

Na Sang-ho, who met in the mixed zone after the game, said, “It is true that the breakthrough and performance will improve. However, only when the goal is scored, it can go up a little more and the team can win, but he should have shot boldly in today’s chance. He said, “I don’t think I went in because I didn’t do techniques.” More specifically, he said, “I kicked it with the thought of changing the goalkeeper’s direction, but the ball rolled because it had less impact.”

However, he did not give up hope for the top scorer. Na Sang-ho is currently tied for third with Pohang Steelers Zeca with 12 goals. Ulsan Hyundai’s Joo Min-kyu and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s Thiago have scored 16 goals side by side, so Na Sang-ho needs to score at least four goals in two games to become the top scorer. “There are some players who score a hat-trick or four goals in a game. The next game is Suwon, but the opponent must win, so if I come forward, I have a lot of space, so I can have a chance. I think we can win with multiple points, but I will prepare well accordingly.”

As Na Sang-ho said, Suwon is the next opponent. If Seoul wins, Suwon, ranked 12th, may be directly demoted depending on the results of Gangwon FC, ranked 11th. If Suwon goes to the K League 2, a super match will not be held in the league next season. In response, Na Sang-ho said, “The rivalry game representing the K League is a super match. I never thought of a super match disappearing. In the worst case scenario, it disappears, but you have to show a cool attitude to play the game. It is possible that super matches disappear. “The players will prepare well with the idea of winning a match against rivals,” he said with coolness.

He also talked about his senior Ki Sung-yueng. Ki Sung-yueng’s contract with Seoul expires this year, and he seems to be considering extending his career and retiring. Na Sang-ho said, “He’s a good brother, a veteran, and a senior member of the national team. There are many things I can learn from Sungyong. I have young friends and I’m getting older, but my brother’s presence alone helps. He said, “I can learn from my young friends because he sacrifices and plays a lot on the field.” “I think I would want to play soccer comfortably if I was that age, but I can’t help. He added, “As you continue to work hard and show your commitment to the team, it motivates me to do the same.” He also said, “My physical condition is good enough to play more than I am, and I have a great influence on the team. I think I can play until next year and the year after,” he said.

Seoul, whose ranking was confirmed on this day, may not mean much to the remaining two games. But Na Sang-ho had a goal. “I’m greedy because the competition for the top scorer is still underway. But the next game is the most important. Although he came to Final B, the opportunity to make up for the fans is the next super match. “The task is to prepare well and set a super match at home,” he said.


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