NBA Minnesota, ‘flying victory’ due to decisive misjudgment 47 seconds before the end

Dallas Irving celebrates after winning

Mistakes also occur in the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs.

In the second game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks in the 2023-2024 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals (4 wins out of 7) held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on the 25th (Korean time), an incorrect decision actually decided the winner.

In this game, Minnesota was ahead 108-106 and was in control of the offense with 47 seconds left in the game.

At this time, Dallas’ Kyrie Irving hit the ball held by Minnesota’s Jaden McDaniels.

The first referee’s decision acknowledged Minnesota’s right to attack, saying, “The ball hit Irving and went out of the line.”

However, Dallas coach Jason Kidd requested a challenge, and a video review was conducted, and it was determined that the ball hit McDaniels and the decision was overturned to Dallas’ offense. 카지노사이트

The problem is that Irving hitting McDaniels’ arm while defending was not flagged as a foul.

On the 26th, the day after the game, the NBA Secretariat admitted, “There was a foul by Irving, but it was missed,” through the “2-Minute Report,” which reveals whether a decision was made with 2 minutes left until the end of the game.

If this foul had been properly pointed out, McDaniels would have thrown two free throws, allowing Minnesota to run away with up to 4 points with 47 seconds left.

In the end, with 3 seconds left in the game, Dallas Luka Doncic hit a comeback 3-pointer, giving Dallas a 109-108 win.

Why did the referees, who corrected McDaniels’ touchout through video review, not catch Irving’s foul just before?

This is due to the NBA’s video review regulations. Since the challenge requested by Dallas is for a touch-out situation, the decision cannot be overturned even if the foul situation is confirmed through video.

In this case, the Minnesota bench could not have requested a challenge to catch Irving’s foul. This is because NBA rules state that a ‘no call situation’ is not subject to a challenge.

In other words, if the whistle was blown in relation to Irving’s foul, a challenge could be requested, but since no ruling was made in this regard, a challenge claiming that it was Irving’s foul could not be established at all.

5 minutes and 31 seconds before the end of the game, Dallas Derrick Jones Jr.’s offensive foul was called, and Dallas coach Kidd requested a challenge. At this time, Minnesota’s Mike Conley, who was defending Jones Jr., committed a defensive foul before Jones Jr.’s offensive foul. It was acknowledged that it was first and the decision was overturned.

If the whistle for Jones Jr.’s offensive foul had not been blown, the Dallas bench would not have been able to request a challenge to catch Conley’s foul.

The third game of this series, in which Dallas won two consecutive games away to Minnesota, continues with the Dallas home game on the morning of the 27th. 안전 슬롯사이트