Officials at Gateway did not say how it would move its current location

Chatham’s mayor Randy Hope and two Chatham Kent lawmakers said Canada-based gambling and entertainment operator Gateway planned to move slots from Dresden. These slots have been located in their current location , but may soon change. Mayor Randy Hope commented that it would be part of Gateway’s plan to modernize and update certain gambling assets previously owned by OLG, with the management of the latter gambling industry and Ontario’s responsibility.

North Kent lawmaker and former Dresden mayor Joe Pars said he was aware of Gateway’s decision to find a seat in Chatham. The Leon Leclerc Commission explained that no details were provided regarding the upcoming relocation. Currently, officials know where these positions will end, but there is no information on exactly when this will happen. Officials had the opportunity to remind them that the gateway’s decision must be approved before implementing the plan.

Leclair elaborated that the relocation of the slots would have a negative impact on Dresden’s economy, but Gateway’s decision is not within his control. The Chatham-Kent municipality disclosed that OLG paid the city $700,000 in exchange for attracting slots during the 2016-17 operating year.

Gateway Participates in Ensuring the Efficient Game Market in Ontario
Over the past few years, Canada’s gambling industry has been an important contributor to the national economy, and the Canadian government has made its revival a top priority, and the main reason for Canada’s decline is its worn-out gambling establishment.

It should be noted that the gambling industry in the United States, on the other hand, was still thriving. All the flashy casinos and rich game options have turned into real magnets for Canadian players. Needless to say, the burgeoning online gambling industry is another hurdle for Canada’s gambling industry to regain strength. 안전놀이터 추천

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