Ontarian Bags C$5M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Reaches C$50M Lotto Max

The Lotto jackpot is one of the most highly regarded gambling perks that brings together players from nearby and far away who are willing to put big winners in bags. Lotto 6/49 recently witnessed a big windfall, but the minimum prize of C$5 million was also bagged in the draw . Meanwhile, Lotto Max continues to grow and could reach C$50 million .

Only those who win the lottery know the thrill of seeing your number match the number displayed on the screen and finding out that you’ve become a millionaire overnight. Someone in Ontario recently experienced or is about to experience this sensation because the winner has not yet contacted the Ontario Lottery and Game Company to claim the prize. Saturday’s draw was a relief for the state, as the guaranteed prize of Canadian $1 million was claimed by tickets sold there.

Lotto 6/49 braces for the next draw
Bonus 19. It may seem difficult for players to choose numbers, especially when purchasing tickets, but they emphasized numbers in the draw. There is a player in Ontario who has chosen this exact set of numbers and will be praised for that.

Their prize money is exactly C$5 million, and anyone who owns one winning ticket can receive the full prize money. They can claim the prize money for exactly 52 weeks. The gradual winnings that could be packaged , will once again reach C$5 million, with expectations that more people will buy Lotto 6/49 tickets. 온라인카지노

In addition to the grand prize money, another Ontario resident is eligible for a guaranteed prize of C$1 million. The matching ticket is printed with 41198269-02, and the person holding the ticket is currently a millionaire. All players should check their tickets and make sure they don’t lose any priceless paper.

Lotto Max’s best record
Meanwhile, the most recent Lotto Max draw did not have a grand prize winner once again. All eyes were on the draw ,when the winnings reached 35,784,176.60 Canadian dollars. The winning numbers drawn were 01-03-20-21-27-28-44 + Bonus 143. Although the grand prize winners remained the same, the two tickets will split the second prize and Canadian dollars each.

The pace at which Lotto Max’s jackpot grows is quite impressive, showing the level of interest Canadians express in the game. The last time this happened , when a Winnipeg player became a millionaire, so the players are holding their breath for the next winner. A well-spinning jackpot at the time amounted to C$13,345,152.30.

Since then, more and more players have made potentially lucky purchases in hopes of changing their lives. This Friday could make this possible, but even if a big windfall survives, millions of Canadian dollars are still guaranteed to change people’s existence.

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