Professional basketball LG defeats Sono by 31 points and wins 6 games in a row 2nd Place Competition Reins

Korea Gas Corporation, a glimmer of hope toward the 6th round PO
LG Yoo Sang

Professional basketball team Changwon LG has taken a step forward in the race for second place by running on its 6th consecutive win.

LG defeated Goyang Sono 95-64 in the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League away game held at Goyang Sono Arena in Gyeonggi Province on the 15th.

LG, which had a 6-game winning streak, accumulated 31 wins and 17 losses and maintained second place to advance directly to the semifinal playoffs (PO).

The gap against 3rd place Suwon KT is 1 game, and the gap against 4th place Seoul SK is 1.5 games.

Sono stood still in 8th place with 16 wins and 33 losses.

In the first quarter, LG had Lee Kwan-hee and Yoo Yu-sang hit two 3-point shots each, but committed four turnovers and broke the flow.

In addition, Sono gave up 2 steals and 11 points to Lee Jeong-hyun, and ended the first quarter trailing 21-25.

Kwanhee Lee

LG, which had the opportunity to attack by taking the lead in rebounds, turned the tables in the second quarter by scoring 7 consecutive points, including Justin Goutan’s score, Juan Tello’s outside shot, and Yoo Yu-sang’s score.

Afterwards, the outside guns of Yoo Yu-sang, Gu-tang, and Lee Kwan-hee continued to fire and ran away with a 12-point lead, ending the first half with a score of 44-35.

When Sono’s Chinanu Onuaku was sent off for five fouls in the middle of the third quarter, LG completely took control of the goal, and after pushing Sono further, they entered the final quarter with a 23-point lead, 71-49.

In the 4th quarter, LG also attacked hard, and 5 minutes and 26 seconds before the end of the game, Yang Hong-seok’s free throw created a 34-point lead and sealed the victory.

For LG, Yoo Yu-sang scored 17 points, including five 3-pointers, and Lee Kwan-hee and Assem Marey each scored 13 points.

For Sono, Lee Jeong-hyeon struggled with 26 points.
At the Daegu Gymnasium, the home team Daegu Korea Gas Corporation defeated Busan KCC 99-85 and succeeded in breaking away from a losing streak.

Korea Gas Corporation maintained 7th place with 20 wins and 29 losses, continuing its glimmer of hope toward advancing to the semifinals PO.

KCC, ranked 5th, had 25 wins and 22 losses, reducing its lead over Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, ranked 6th, to one game.

Korea Gas Corporation and KCC faced off tightly in the first quarter, and Korea Gas Corporation entered the second quarter with a one-point lead, 27-26.

In the second quarter, Korea Gas Corporation showed strength with two outside shots by Andrew Nicholson, and Shin Seung-min and Park Ji-hoon also added 3-pointers, defeating KCC, which had only zero outside points, by 51-42.

In the third quarter, Korea Gas Corporation, which had once widened the lead to 15 points thanks to consecutive 3-point shots by Nicholson and Chabawi, ended the third quarter with an 80-69 score thanks to Sam Joseph Belangel’s quarter-ending buzzer beater.

Korea Gas Corporation took the win in the last quarter with consecutive goals from Duvan Maxwell and Shin Joo-young, and Belangel’s score 1 minute and 9 seconds before the end gave them an 18-point lead, putting a wedge in the game.

As for Korea Gas Corporation, Nicholson soared with 32 points.

For KCC, Laguna struggled with 24 points. 한국야동

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