Professor Yuri-Mom, who ‘submersed’ with a ‘torpedo shot’ left, will eventually retire from active duty…”33 trophies”

“Thiago decided to end his career,” transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his social network service (SNS) on the 7th (local time), adding, “He was a player representing the Spanish national team, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Liverpool.”

“Thiago’s passion and love for soccer will continue,” he said. “He has planned for a few months and is preparing for a second life as a soccer player.”

Thiago is one of the world’s best midfielders who dominated the 2010s. He boasts unrivaled pass sense, shooting ability, and signature move that destroys the center of gravity of the opponent with simple ball touch. The 33 trophies raised by Thiago prove this.

Did he say that humans cannot be born with everything? The only factor that hindered Thiago was his injury. In fact, Thiago suffered 40 injuries from his debut in the 2009/10 season through 2023/24 season, and missed a total of 364 games, which made him sad.

In particular, he was criticized by fans for 675 days in Liverpool alone. Of course, he made brilliant contributions to the Quadruple Challenge in the 2021/22 season, but it is not an unconvincing criticism considering that he earned 250,000 pounds (about 441.77 million won) a week every week.스포츠토토사이트

He made only one memorable moment. Thiago made headlines when he fired a stunning shot into the net with a so-called “torpedo” in the group stage match of the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League against Porto.

After his retirement, he will open his second chapter of his soccer career as a coach. According to Gerard Romero, who is well versed in Spanish soccer, the Hanji Flick team that led the Barcelona team is in constant contact with Thiago.

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