Seol’s MBTI type is E, or extroverted.

As anyone who has mixed words with him can tell, Seol is chatty and likes interpersonal relationships. The other three digits are SFJ. They in turn mean senses, emotions, and judgment. In other words, they mean a realist, a person with good empathy, and a planned person.

Then, was Seol’s move to Tsurvenazvezda realistic and planned? Not at all. First of all, it was unfamiliar to recognize the interest of overseas clubs and to figure out where to go. As a member of Ulsan HD, one of the strongest teams in Korea, Seol did not have to think about a transfer to the K-League from the beginning, and because he had just joined the national team, he did not receive much attention from overseas. He reorganized the dramatic transfer that took place over a short period of time, focusing on testimonies by officials, and added his own comment.
▲ The decisive shot of the defeat to England is coach Klinsmann

There were a total of three full-fledged overseas love calls that Seol remembers. All of them have been reported in the media. The first was Fenerbahce in 2021, when he was in his second year as a professional player. The second is West Ham United, and the third is Zvez, where the transfer was finally made.

Fenerbahce was able to hear about the club through Kim Min-jae, an Olympic team player at the time. At that time, Seol Young-woo had a long contract with Ulsan and it was not easy to go out. However, for Seol Young-woo, it was an opportunity to think that I could go to Europe following seniors like Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. Since he had spent three years longer than his peers in college, Seol Young-woo, who had no time to think about entering Europe, began to dream of a bigger stage. Later, when Zvezda showed interest, he and Hwang In-beom were sharing the joys and sorrows at the Asian Cup camp. When Seol Young-woo sought to go to Europe, the two European seniors helped him make a decision.

During the Asian Cup, West Ham contacted him before Zvezda. At the time, West Ham dispatched its key recruitment officer to Qatar. Seol, who was receiving attention for the first time from a big league club, took the news as serious interest when he heard that officials flew in and announced their intention to recruit him. However, after learning about Seol’s habitual dislocation of his shoulder, West Ham pulled out. As he had surgery in Ulsan until early May after the Asian Cup, he was in good physical condition to play the remainder of the 2023-2024 season even if he moved to West Ham. However, West Ham, which needed immediate strength in the winter transfer market, withdrew after hearing that his shoulder required surgery.

After West Ham, Zvezda also sent general manager Marco Marin to take Seol. In other words, two European teams received positive attention during the Asian Cup alone. Seol said he was under a lot of stress when it was his first time experiencing the situation and discussions over the transfer even got twisted during the Asian Cup. After the Asian Cup, he publicly expressed his willingness to advance to Europe in the mixed zone.

“Fortunately, I didn’t have any problems with my performance. My position is defense anyway, and I’m not a player who stands out like that. I want to show more of my capability as I keep talking about transferring during competitions, but the strength I can show at that time was to play a lot. I wanted to prove my value because I am confident in playing hard. There were times when I was so tired that I couldn’t play anymore after playing overtime twice, but I tried to stretch one more step thinking that my life could change in each game.”

▲ More than the Middle East, Europe. It’s now or never

Since then, Zvezda has doubled the transfer fee initially offered, approaching Seol again in the summer transfer market and eventually securing the recruitment. Zvezda’s transfer also allowed him to receive a higher salary than Ulsan, but he also had other options, including a club in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in terms of money.스포츠토토사이트

“Middle East teams? I think they offered me two or three times as much as Zvezda. Actually, I had some difficulties choosing. I’m a professional player and I’m a professional player, and it’s the benefit they can give me to make a lot of money. But the reason I chose to go to Europe was my confidence. I was confident that I wouldn’t be late if I made other choices when I had to make a lot of money later on. On the other hand, I felt that the time would not come in Europe unless it was now.”

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