Shinhan Bank saved PO hope with a thrilling come-from-behind victory

Incheon Shinhan Bank S-Bird won 59-57 against Bucheon Hana One Q in the fourth round of the regular league of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 24th.

Shinhan Bank (5 wins and 15 losses), ranked fifth, increased its hopes of advancing to the playoffs by narrowing the gap with Hana One Q (7 wins and 13 losses) in fourth place to 2.0 games.

Shinhan seemed to lose by a double-digit score gap at one point in the third quarter, but garnered a come-from-behind victory. Lee Da-yeon (9 points), who played as the Joker amid foul trouble caused by ace Kim So-na (14 points and 9 rebounds), saved her team with a robust performance.

In Hana One Q, Kim Jong-un scored 12 points and Um Seo-i scored 11 points in the first quarter alone, but suffered a disappointing defeat.

Shinhan Bank was the first team to take the lead in the early first quarter. Shinhan Bank, which blocked the opponent’s attack in a row, accumulated points as the beads moved back and forth between the inside and outside. Then, Um Seo-i, who entered Hana One Q as a substitute, played under the basket and fought back. Um Seo-i, who played as a game changer, showed off her presence by succeeding in a fast attack after stealing.

Shinhan Bank, which could not stop Um Seo-i, followed with Kim Sonia scoring two three-point shots. The first quarter ended with Shinhan Bank trailing 19-21.

In the second quarter, Shinhan Bank pushed ahead with Hana One Q with Kim Sonia at the forefront, but later suffered a severe goal gap. Hana One Q, which tied its opponent scoreless for nearly six minutes, widened the gap with Kim Jong-un’s three-point shot. After recovering from the drought due to Jinyoung Kim’s mid-range jumper, Shinhan finished the second quarter 27-32.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Ace Kim Sonia, who was leading Shinhan Bank’s attack, committed the fourth foul. Hana One Q, which was on the offensive, made a double-digit score difference with Kim Si-on’s three-point shot. Shinhan Bank, which was in crisis, pursued with Kim Tae-yeon using his power.

Shinhan Bank, which seemed to be losing momentum by allowing Kim Jong-un and Jeong Ye-rim to pitch outside, did not back down as Lee Da-yeon, who put in the Joker, flared up. On top of that, Lee added strength to pull the reins. Shinhan that successfully turned the tables with Lee Da-yeon’s reverse layup ended the third quarter 48-47.

Shinhan Bank’s upward trend continued at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Following Lee Da-yeon’s jumper, Kang Gye-ri got a free throw during the 3-point attempt.

Since then, the lull in which the two teams rarely scored has been prolonged. Shinhan Bank’s Kim Sonia scored after a fast attack in the match, widening the gap by 8 points with 2 minutes and 50 seconds left.

Hana One Q, which is nearing defeat, aimed for the final twist by putting in Park So-hee and Ko Seo-yeon. Hana One Q saved the spark of victory as Kim Ana’s three-point shot and Ko Seo-yeon’s score narrowed the gap to three points.

The last team to smile, however, was Shinhan. Shinhan Bank started to harden its ball jumper that was thrown by shot clock as it passed through the rim. Hana One Q succeeded Kim Si-on with a three-point shot, but lacked power to turn the game around. Shinhan kept its victory by turning the ball well to avoid opposition pressure.


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