“Son of a bXXXX!”Why? What happened?

While it was controversial that Jude Bellingham, the youngest member of England’s national team, shouted “FXXXing pass” at his teammate in Group C of Euro 2024 between England and Slovenia, there was also abusive language in Group D match between France and Poland. The abusive language was France’s “Ace” Kylian Mbappe.

The match was Mbappe’s return to injury. In the first match against Austria, Mbappe suffered a broken nose when he collided with opposing center back Kevin Danso. Mbappe went to the hospital after no longer playing. Mbappe postponed surgery for the tournament. Since then, he wore a face mask to join the training. He showed great performance in the practice match, raising expectations for his return. However, Mbappe did not play in the second match against the Netherlands. Then, he started in the third match against Poland. This is his first actual match after the injury.

I couldn’t help but worry about my nose. It was my first practice wearing a mask. In this situation, legendary Polish striker Robert Lewandowski competed, and, despite his unintentional strike on Mbappe’s nose, Lewandowski unintentionally hit him with his hand. Then Mbappe said, “Son of a bXXXX.”

Britain’s Daily Mail reported, “Mbappe was spotted saying ‘Son of a bXXX’ after colliding with Lewandowski. Near the end of the match, Mbappe was struck in the nose during a contest with Lewandowski. Mbappe was in pain. Broadcast cameras caught the situation at the time of the collision, and it appeared that Mbappe was swearing.”스포츠토토사이트

“Mbappe clashed with his future rivals who will face off in El Clasico next season. The two players exchanged one goal each in this match,” the media outlet said. Mbappe will play in Real Madrid’s uniform next season. Lewandowski is a key striker in Barcelona, Real Madrid’s archrival.

Despite the fierce clash, the two players hugged warmly after the match. France finished second in the group with one win and two draws, and Poland finished fourth in the group with one draw and two losses. France advanced to the round of 16, and Poland was eliminated from the group stage.

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