Success for the Japanese invited team

Professional volleyball cup competition, the overall box office success is low…Success for the Japanese invited team

According to the 2023 Cup Tournament ratings and audience data released by the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) on the 18th, the total audience for this year’s Cup Tournament, which was held from the 29th of last month to the 13th of this month, was 36,716,745 fewer than last year (37,461). In this cup competition, OK Financial Group in the men’s division and GS Caltex in the women’s division lifted the trophy.

In the men’s and women’s professional volleyball teams, the women’s team attracted more spectators.

A total of 24,329 spectators visited the stadium during the women’s 15 games, with an average daily attendance of 3,041 spectators. But it was lower than last year. It decreased by 5% from the total audience of 25,552 and the average audience of 3,194 last year, respectively. The average ratings of women’s games also decreased slightly from last year (0.99%) to 0.93%.

The men’s division fell behind the women’s division in the box office, but rather showed an increase in the number of spectators themselves. 토토

A total of 12,387 spectators gathered during the men’s 15 games, with an average daily attendance of 1,548. Last year, the total number of spectators increased by about 4% from 11,909 and the average number of spectators increased by 1,489. The average audience rating for men’s games was 0.88%, similar to last year (0.89%).

In particular, the men’s highest ratings match of the tournament was the semifinals between Panasonic and OK Financial Group, Japan’s “invited team” held on the 12th. As attention was focused on the volleyball match between Korea and Japan, it recorded a 1.25% rating, which is equivalent to the second place in the men’s division in all cup competitions. The No. 1 ratings game in history was the Woori Card-OK Financial match (1.33%) on August 21, 2021. In other words, KOVO’s decision to invite the Japanese team to promote international volleyball exchanges ahead of the tournament served as a boon to the success.

However, analysts say that the overall sluggish performance is related to Korean volleyball’s recent poor performance in international competitions. In the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), where 16 countries participate to determine the world’s strongest volleyball player, the Korean women’s volleyball team finished the tournament with 12 losses for the second consecutive time since last year. I couldn’t even participate in men’s volleyball because I wasn’t good at it. The absence of major players, who lead the men’s and women’s box office success, from the cup competition also seems to have affected.

However, considering various situations, such as typhoon Kanun penetrating the Korean Peninsula at the time and bad weather conditions that led to the heat wave, interest in Korean volleyball is still high.

Before the 2023-2024 season, which will open on October 14, the Korean men’s and women’s volleyball teams will compete at the Hangzhou Asian Games in China, which will open in September. A total of 19 countries will participate in men’s volleyball, and 13 countries will participate in women’s volleyball. The men’s and women’s national teams, which have been sluggish in various competitions, are urgently needed to recover their honor.

KOVO said, “We will make more efforts to prepare for the league’s operation so that interest and enthusiasm for volleyball can continue in the upcoming regular league.”

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