Surging across mainland China, players cancel city travel plans and typically lower visitor rates.

Analysts provided details on the number of people who visited Macau over the past week. Player activity has slowed significantly, reducing total daily gaming revenue. In the first 17 days of January, operators earned $276 million, but from January 18-24, they earned only $171 million. 바카라사이트

Fewer visitors could be attributed to restrictions surrounding coronavirus. Macau recently imposed a new quarantine requirement for visitors to certain parts of China, including the province (省) and six cities.

According to analysts at Sanford C Bernstein, China has begun a larger lockdown and is urging people to cut back on travel. This reduced Macau’s visit total. Unfortunately, it happens during the Chinese New Year, when the area is usually crowded with customers.

Analysts in Credit Suisse say multiple cancellations are expected in the VIP junket sector and premium mass, with some not wanting to face quarantine requirements when they fail to obtain travel visas or return to China from Macau.

Players are canceling through junkets, and it is expected that there may be fewer VIP players than during the Lunar New Year holiday. The large casino floors have been pretty quiet for a few days, with local governments asking residents to refrain from traveling during the Lunar New Year holiday, so people don’t seem to travel.

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