‘Teen sensation’ Oh Jun-seong·’Naturalization’ Kim Ha-young wins the all-around table tennis singles title

Oh Jun-seong wins against Park Gyu-hyung in ‘Teen Showdown‘… Set a record for being the youngest winner ‘Semi-finalist’ Kim Ha-young finally wins her first win after naturalization “I’m going to the Olympics”

Oh Jun-seong wins men’s singles table tennis title

‘Top 10 sensation’ Oh Jun-seong (17, Mirae Asset Securities) and naturalized player Kim Ha-young (25, Korean Air) won the men’s and women’s singles event for the first time at the National Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis Championships, the most prestigious table tennis competition in Korea.

Oh Jun-seong defeated teammate Park Gyu-hyeon (18) 3-2 (8-11 4-11 11-6 13-11 11- 3) We achieved a come-from-behind victory.

Oh Jun-seong, who dropped out of high school and joined Mirae Asset Securities in the second half of last year, won his first overall championship singles title just one year after entering the workforce.

Oh Jun-seong, who was born in 2006 and is only 17 years old, also broke the record as the youngest person to win the men’s singles title at this tournament.

Oh Jun-seong’s father, Oh Sang-eun, manager of Mirae Asset Securities, won his first singles title in an all-around competition in 1999 when he was 22 years old.

Oh Jun-seong also won the men’s doubles title with Park Gyu-hyeon the day before, so he won two individual gold medals.

In the singles final held as a ‘teenage match’, Park Gyu-hyun used his power to win two games first, but Oh Jun-seong made a timely counterattack based on his calm defense and turned the game around.

Women’s singles winner Kim Ha-young

After Oh Jun-seong won the 4-game deuce match, the pendulum tilted sharply.

In the women’s singles final, Hayoung Kim defeated Lee Daeun 3-2 (11-4 12-10 7-11 11-13 11-6) and climbed to the top of the podium.

Hayoung Kim, born in 1998, is a naturalized player who was born in Tianjin, China and acquired Korean nationality in 2016.

He began participating in domestic and international competitions in 2019 and raised a lot of expectations in the table tennis world, but did not grow as quickly as expected.

Kim Ha-young, who had always been in the semifinals but could not finish winning, finally smiled brightly as she achieved her first win on the domestic stage at the comprehensive championships, the most prestigious competition.

Kim Ha-young said, “I was a bit greedy so far.” “Even when she did well, she always didn’t make it to the end,” she said. “This competition, I tried to focus on each step rather than winning,” she said.

Kim Ha-young, who participated in the Chengdu World Championships as a member of the national team last year but was unable to wear the Taegeuk symbol this year, said, “I want to continue working hard and become a member of the national team again. “I really want to win a medal at the Olympics,” she said. 19가이드03

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