The experience of flying in American airports has been getting worse and worse for years.

Seats are getting smaller, formerly free amenities are being charged for, the TSA is getting more and more intrusive, and if you’re really unlucky, you might get physically hauled off your flight and wind up in the hospital if the airline overbooked it.

Let’s face it: It was only a matter of time before somebody had enough. In fact, we’re a little surprised it’s taken this long.

Earlier this week, a woman was arrested at Memphis International Airport after going on a rampage over a $20 baggage fee. In the space of five minutes, she caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, turning over furniture and setting off a fire extinguisher that filled the airport with a chemical fog.

While we have sympathy for the other airport passengers, whose already miserable days were likely not improved by witnessing this tantrum, we also found watching the video of the rampage to be sort of cathartic. Who among us, “us” in this case being people who have flown within the U.S. in the past five or so years, doesn’t yearn, deep down, to let loose on some of these nickel-and-diming airlines?

We are not, of course, condoning doing any such thing, if for no other reason than that it’ll land you in jail with bail set in the thousands. Also, people like us will make fun of you on the internet.

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