The final tournament of the “KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2024 2nd Inje Tour” was held at the gymnasium of Sangnam Sports Park in Inje-gun on the 12th.

Goyang TOP B, a regular customer of the Korea Tour high school, advanced to the final round and faced Bikini City in the semifinals, but lost 11-21, ending the tournament in the semifinals.

Although he lost, there was a player who was particularly eye-catching. It was Kang Joon-ah (Daehwa High School 2), the “master of breaking through.”

Kang’s splendid dribbling and stable ballkeeping skills made viewers’ hearts flutter. Enjoying the breakthrough also brought joy to watch.

“It’s been about three years since I started 3×3. I think I’ve participated in more than 20 competitions,” Kang said. “As a captain, I had to take responsibility and lead the younger members, but I lacked a lot. That’s too bad,” he said after finishing the competition.

Kang Joon-ah, who boasted a brilliant breakthrough, picked Han Jun-hyuk (Descent Bumpers) as her role model.

“Han Jun-hyuk is the best player in 3×3. He was especially cool when he broke through. I also enjoy the thrill of breaking through. (Shooting weakness) I don’t care much if my opponent thinks I don’t have a shot (laughs). I try to maximize my strength of breaking through.”

Already a student at Daehwa High School in Goyang, he has won several Korea Tour competitions. At the top of Goyang, he consistently participated in Korea Tour under the guidance of Lee Won-ho, and now he is a professional high school 3×3 player.

Although the Korean Tour Inje did not achieve its intended victory, Goyang TOP’s challenge will continue. Goyang TOP will compete on behalf of Goyang City in the 3×3 competition of Gyeonggi Province Governor in June.
Kang Joon-ah said, “Just because we didn’t win this competition doesn’t mean that our challenge will end. The same goes for the upcoming Korea tour, and in June, we plan to represent Goyang City in the Gyeonggi gubernatorial competition. I will lead my younger brothers and practice hard so that I can get good results in the Gyeonggi gubernatorial competition,” he said.토토사이트 순위

Finally, Kang Joon-ah said, “I am grateful to Director Lee Won-ho for making me feel interested in 3×3. Whenever there is a competition, he always drives a long distance for 3 to 4 hours. As much as the director supports me from behind, I will try to meet the expectations by supplementing the areas that need to be supplemented.”

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