The mural is 150 square meters tall, and Gateway Casino & Entertainment’s game facility will open this fall.

After earlier delays, gaming company share Cascade Casino Delta will finally debut later this summer. The casino is scheduled for a premium gaming floor with over 500 slot machines, 18 live table games, and stadium-style games. It will greatly boost Delta’s economy and provide 600 new stable jobs for the region.

According to Delta, 150 square meters of new unique artwork will be placed at the low entrance of the new casino. Mr. Nay is a self-taught artist and his work offers a unique view of his surroundings, described in press releases as thoughtful by the administration for his excellent sense of play, humorous and visual intelligence.

Tanya Gabara, head of public relations at Gateway Casino & Entertainment, said the company wanted a local artist for the job. She explained that when the company started looking for interesting artwork, Mr. Nay immediately hit the description to bring their cascade brand to life. His work can be seen throughout the town, including public murals from the town of Radner in the chawasen town centre mall and several schools.

At the launch, the casino operator explained that the Cascade brand centers on surrounding local elements and natural themes. The company pointed out that designers chose signals from nature and redefined them to find their playful side. It described the design as casual and giving customers a place to relax, play or enjoy live shows.

The new Delta Casino represents a CA$99.3 million investment in the local economy, creating more than 600 jobs for local residents. Under the contract, 10% of the property’s net game revenue would be sent to Delta City, which would be between $2.5 million and $3 million a year, according to British Columbia Lottery Company estimates.

Recruitment has begun
To fill hundreds of jobs, Gateway Casino & Entertainment announced last week that it will host five direct job fairs. The event will be held on August 16, 18, 23, 24, and 25 at the Delta Chamber of Commerce at 620160th Street. The remaining three recruitment dates will be centered on food and beverage, dealers, security, and casino operating vacancies.


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