“The Sicuan Indian Band may one day build a second large casino in East County.

“According to a provision that Sicuan negotiated with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on a revised 5000-page contract, a second casino could be opened on 1,600 acres of adjacent land, including a golf course that the tribe bought but was not part of the reservation.

“…Sikuan already operates one of California’s largest casinos with 2,000 slot machines three miles east of Sikuan Golf Resort. The modified facility, which allows up to 5,000 slots, was one of six tribal state agreements left unapproved when it adjourned on Aug. 31.

” Five of the pending contracts are revised deals that offer expansion to Southern California tribes that already have large casinos; a sixth will give Northern California tribes their first foray into gambling. All of this is expected to be considered when the Legislature reconvenes in January…”바카라

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