Jeonnam-do announced on the 2nd that 733,000 people from 2,290 teams visited sports facilities in the province for training and participation in sports competitions during the year from September last year to August this year. This is an increase of more than 370,000 people compared to the same period in 2021-2022, and there was an effect of 67.3 billion won on the local economy. The reason for the increase in the number of participants in training camps is due to the well-equipped sports infrastructure facilities such as Gangjin Football Stadium, Suncheon Palma Sports Complex, Haenam Woosul Stadium, and Glory Sportium.

In addition, Jeonnam’s excellent tourism resources, mild climate, delicious food, and convenient transportation conditions played a role, as did the city’s active attraction efforts. Soccer, baseball, taekwondo, basketball, and badminton accounted for 65.7 percent of the total number of sports participating in the training camp .By region of origin, Gyeonggi, Seoul, Jeonbuk, Gwangju, and Gyeongbuk are the top five .Overseas athletes also traveled to Jeonnam. More than 230 members of Japan’s Ishida Club table tennis team will train in Gangjin-gun, 140 volleyball players from Taiwan’s Fengyuan Commercial High School will train in Glory-gun, and 200 members of Thailand’s Polis FC will train in Wando-gun, totaling more than 1,300 people.

“We plan to continue to expand comfortable sports facilities so that training teams visiting Jeonnam can focus on improving their performance,” said Park Ho, head of the Jeonnam Sports Industry Division. “We will help revitalize the local economy by fostering 무료슬롯게임 a sports tourism industry that connects sports infrastructure and tourism resources.”

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