Yang Jin-seo, KLPGA Solago Jump Tour 11th round win for the first time in her life

Yang Jin-seo won the first championship in her life in the 11th round of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour 2023 Solago Jump Tour.

The 11th round of the KLPGA 2023 Solago Jump Tour held at the Lago-OUT, Lago-IN course at the Solago Country Club (par 72/6,218 yards) located in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do (total prize money of 30 million won, prize money of 450 won) 10,000 won)’, Yang Jin-seo (19) won the first championship in her life after an extended match.

https://displayad.zum.com/NetInsight/html/zum/news/newspage@newszum_pc_250Yang Jin-seo, who scored 1 bogey and 5 birdies in the first round and tied for 9th place with a 4 under par 68, showed off her best shot feeling in the final round. Yang Jin-seo, who recorded 8 birdies without a bogey in the final round, finished the game first with a final total of 12 under par and 132 strokes (68-64) and waited for the results.

Afterwards, Lee Chae-yoon, who took 5 birdies in the first round and tied for 4th place, also picked out 7 birdies in the final round, reducing 7 strokes and recording a final total of 12 under par 132 strokes (67-65). led to an extension.

Both Jin-seo Yang and Chae-yoon Lee recorded par in the first extension on the 18th hole (par 4,351 yards), and the direction of the championship was decided in the second extension. In the second extension, Lee Chae-yoon unfortunately missed a 5-meter birdie putt, while Yang Jin-seo put her second shot perfectly at a distance of 0.5 meters and recorded a tap-in birdie, holding the first championship trophy in her arms.

Yang Jin-seo said, “This is my first win since my professional debut. I didn’t feel it right after winning, but now I can feel it after I finished all the awards and received a congratulatory message. I’m really happy.” I was more nervous and nervous than last time, but I am happy to overcome and win.”

Next, Yang Jin-seo said, “First of all, I would like to thank my parents and family who always support me, and I want to share this honor with Coach Dae-seop Kim and Trainer Seung-jae Lee, who help me a lot.”

Yang Jin-seo, who cited putt as the driving force behind the victory, saying that she broke her personal record with an 8 under par in the final round, said, “The shot was good, but the feeling of putting today was good led to the victory. I think I could.” He looked back.

Yang Jin-seo first caught a pole in the 5th grade of elementary school at a practice field where he followed his older brother and father. He started playing golf as a hobby, and he gained experience by participating in competitions little by little after receiving invitations from players around him, and then started his career as a player in earnest in his second year of middle school.

Yang Jin-seo, who won her first championship as an amateur in the ’35th Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor’s Period and the 3rd Dream Park CC Cup Student Golf Championship’, which she participated in in her third year of middle school, later went on to Hampyeong Golf High School and won the championship in Jeollanam-do. showed potential.

Yang Jin-seo joined as an associate member through the ‘KLPGA 2023 1st Associate Member Selection Match’ in March of last year. Yang Jin-seo, who did not show significant results after posting his name in the top ten throughout the first jump tour competition (1st ~ 4th round) and 2nd round (5th ~ 8th round), which he participated in for the first time after joining, this third round ( In the 9th ~ 12th games), he was reborn with a 180 degree different look.

Yang Jin-seo took 4th place in the ‘KLPGA 2023 Solago Jump Tour Round 9’ held as the first round of the 3rd tournament, and in the ‘KLPGA 2023 Solago Jump Tour Round 10’ held afterwards, she shed regretful tears at the end of an extended match with Choi Seo-yoon. Shed. Yang Jin-seo, who participated in this tournament held a week later with the heart of an incisive assistant referee, was able to look forward to being promoted to a full member by winning the championship cup thanks to his recent uptrend.

Yang Jin-seo said, “In the 1st and 2nd competitions, there was a lot of pressure to achieve good results and win. As I entered the 3rd competition, I practiced hard to improve my putt feeling, which was lacking a bit, and I repeated to myself to empty my mind and play. He said, “Through this third tournament, I was promoted to a full member, and after gaining experience by climbing to the top of the prize money rankings on the Dream Tour, I recorded good results at the ‘KLPGA 2024 Regular Tour Seed Ranking Match’ at the end of this year. And my goal is to debut on a regular tour.”

Next, Yang Jin-seo said, “It may still be a distant future, but I have won a lot on the regular tour, and I hope to be able to advance to the LPGA tour when the opportunity arises.” He shyly said that he was looking forward to the day he would play.바카라사이트

In addition, Kim Ha-ram B, who swallowed tears after losing in overtime in the last 10 games, rose to third place with a final total of 10 under par 134 strokes (68-66), and Jung Si-yoon and Lee Ji-yeon C side by side hit 8 under par 136 strokes to tie the lead. placed on the 4th.

Choi Seo-yoon, the winner of the 10th game, tied for 21st with a final total of 4 under par and 140 strokes (71-69), and Choi Min-seo, the winner of the 9th game, tied for 43rd with a final total of 2 under par and 142 strokes (72-70).

The final round of this tournament, hosted by Solago Country Club and supervised by KLPGT, will be recorded and broadcast from 19:20 on August 16 through SBS Golf, the host broadcasting company.

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