Young soccer players’ soccer shoes were buried under heavy snow.

The soccer team started with only the inside of both penalty areas and the stadium marking lines removed. Despite similar conditions, Australia’s equalizer in the second half did not go any further. To qualify for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup finals in Colombia in September, the team has to beat not only Taiwan but also Uzbekistan, the host country.

South Korea’s under-20 women’s soccer team, led by head coach Park Yoon-jung, was defeated 1-2 by Australia in the first Group A game of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) U-20 Women’s Asian Cup at Dostryk Stadion in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, at 5 p.m. on the 3rd (Korea time).

Australia’s decisiveness with all four shots on target

In fact, Korean players also scored the first goal thanks to snow. When Bae Ye-bin had a free kick set piece chance at the 25th minute, the Australian goalkeeper failed to catch a slippery ball, and thus scored the goal. When Kim Shin-ji’s right footed free kick cross flew towards the Australian goal, Chloe Lincoln thought she was easily caught. However, the ball slid backward, and Korean captain Jeon Yoo-kyung kicked the ball with her right foot.

Our players, who gained confidence, took a more decisive opportunity to score in the 49th minute and aimed for an additional goal with Park Je-ah’s header shot, but goalkeeper Chloe Lincoln flew with amazing quickness this time and caught the ball nicely heading into the corner.

Australia’s decisive equalizer came in the 73rd minute. Lara Gooch’s through-pass timing was good, but as the ball fell into the snow outside the Korean penalty area and the speed of the ball decreased sharply, Peta Trimis ran out and kicked a right-footed shot accurately.

In response, the Korean bench sent Yang Eun-seo instead of Park Soo-jung immediately after the loss, and Kang Eun-young instead of Bae Ye-bin four minutes later to order a more aggressive change, but Australia’s defensive concentration was one better than ours.

In the 90th minute, Australia’s left corner kick set-piece opportunity continued, where our defenders’ concentration on the second ball was blurred, giving up a painful come-from-behind winning goal. Again, Lara Gooch’s short assist shone, and center back Naomi Thomas-Chinnama’s sensational right footed shot was sucked into the left corner of the goal. South Korean goalkeeper Woo Seo-bin flew to his right, but the goal fell short.

South Korea’s captain Jeon Yoo-kyung aimed for a theater equalizer with a right-footed shot after receiving a good pass from substitute Yang Eun-seo in the fourth minute of extra time in the second half, but unfortunately, he escaped to the right side of the Australian goal.

Our players shot 5 of 13 shots on target and recorded 38.5% shooting accuracy, but Australia led to a wonderful come-from-behind victory with amazing accuracy in scoring all 4 shots on target.

Our players will have to meet Taiwan at 5 p.m. on March 6 (Wednesday) at the same place to make a double camp, as they must advance to the semifinal tournament with a second-place record or higher in the group. 토토사이트 추천

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