2023-2024 women’s professional basketball championship match, which will begin on the 24th.

The event will be held on WKBL’s official Instagram and will be held with two contents: “Final Series Prediction” and “Guessing Today’s Su-hoon Player.”

“Final Series Prediction” is an event that predicts the winner of the championship match and the record of the series between KB Stars and Woori Bank. Participants can participate from noon on the 21st to 24th, and a total of 10 people including Malten basketball (1), Malten’s Golden Ball (1), WKBL sports card (3), chicken set (3), and movie tickets (2) will be presented with generous gifts.

Today’s event to guess Soo-hoon’s player will take place in every championship game. The player can guess the main character of the interview with Soo-hoon, a broadcasting company, which will take place after the end of the game. The player can participate in the event through comments up to one hour before the start of each game, and coffee coupons are provided by drawing three correct answers.

Meanwhile, the championship match between KB Stars, ranked first in the regular league, and Woori Bank, ranked second, will begin at 1:35 p.m. on the 24th at Cheongju Gymnasium and be held in the best-of-five series.


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