Coach Erbernar is coming to the market as a FA this summer.

“Head coach Erbernard will step down as head coach of the French women’s national team after this summer’s Olympics.”

Renard was a rising coach when he was serving as the coach for the Morocco national team. Since his inauguration in February 2016, Renard has lost to Iran and Portugal at the 2018 Russia World Cup, becoming the first country to be eliminated from the group league, but ended the game with a draw with Spain in the final match.

Renard, who took over as Saudi Arabia’s national team coach in 2019, was in Group B with Japan, Australia, Oman, China and Vietnam in the final qualifying round for the Qatar World Cup, but he caused an upset by defeating Japan and will advance to the World Cup as the first place in Group B.

The team also created an unexpected incident in the Qatar World Cup. The Saudi Arabian team met its favorite Argentina in the first match, but scored two goals in succession in the second half, giving the only defeat to the World Cup champion.

Renard was appointed head coach of the French women’s national football team in late March 2023 after several key players announced they would no longer play under Corinne Diacre. Renard led France at the World Cups in Australia and New Zealand but did not have enough time to prepare for the team, eventually failing to reach the semi-finals for a third consecutive time, losing in a shootout to Australia.

According to the media, Renard has been in office less than a year, but the French Football Association is expected to search for a successor, and Philippe Diallo, president of the federation, said, “It is highly likely that Renard will step down as coach within a few months.”

“Renar has made it clear that his contract expires at the end of August 2024 after the Olympics, and he is not sure if he will stay after that. He will commit to the Olympics and then look to his future,” Diallo told Le Figaro.

Asked further whether Renard would leave office, Diallo added: “He implied. It is his wish to complete his mission, not to continue.” 토토사이트넷

Renard is a competent coach, so national teams with vacant coaches will rush in.

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